Accounts Payable

ACH form for Vendors: Please contact Financial Operations at 316-978-3070. Return the completed form along with a voided check or copy of a voided check to: Wichita State University, 1845 Fairmount St., Campus Box 38, Wichita, Kansas 67260, or send the completed form through WSU Dropbox to Penny Post. If you are an outside vendor, please mail the form.

Helpful Links:

State of Kansas Coding Guide
IRS W-9 Form
Non-Resident Alien Payments
Non-Resident Alien Payment Checklist PDF
Non-Resident Alien Overview PDF
Honorarium Payments PDF
Certified Statement for Receipts

If you have questions, please contact Financial Operations at 316-978-3070.

Accounts Receivable

Please contact Accounts Receivable at either or ext. 3070 for a departmental deposit form. Thank you.
Cash Reimbursement Request (Under $25.00)PDF
Instructions on filling out Cash Transfer Form PDF
Cash Transfer Form Excel

Budget and Cash Management

Correction Request Form Excel
Inter-organizational Transfer Document Form Excel
Inter-organizational Charge Authorization Form Excel

Invoice Control Document (ICD)

Invoice Control Document Instructions (redirects to Purchasing website)
Invoice Control Document Form Excel

Procurement Card

BPC Electronic Submission Process Instructions
Procurement Card eForm
eForm Submission Update

Property Control

Transfer of Property Form PDF


Banner Finance Setup Questionnaire Excel

Purchase Requisition Instructions
Purchase Requisition Form Excel

Helpful Links:
Web information on statewide contracts

W-9 Request for Wichita State University Taxpayer Identification Number

Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Certification is the standard form published by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) used by payers to request FEIN information. A person, company, or agency making payment to Wichita State University, and who is required to file an information return with the IRS, must obtain the University's FEIN in order to do so.   In general, requests for WSU's Taxpayer Identification Number are made by payers in order for them to properly report information in connection with miscellaneous payments made to the University (class tuition, services, interest, dividends, rents, royalties, etc.).

When a department receives a request for the University’s FEIN for sales of services or goods to an outside entity, departments can obtain an authorized Wichita State University W-9 form (see below).   This form can be furnished directly to the requester.  Student organizations are not permitted to use the University FEINPlease ensure that you use this information responsibly. 

Wichita State University W-9 Form

Rental Car Form

Travel expenditures funded by grants and sponsored programs may have additional requirements. Contact the Office of Research Administration at x3285 or visit ORA’s web site.