The Instructional Development and Effectiveness Assessment (IDEA) is like no other student rating system. Rather than emphasizing ratings of the instructor's teaching behaviors, IDEA focuses on the goal of all instruction which is student learning. This gives IDEA advantages over other systems. Each IDEA Report is tailored to fit the instructor's teaching goals by weighting the objectives of each course - objectives which are selected by the instructor. This allows the faculty member to be rated on what he or she is trying to teach the students in a given course, rather than on a single, monolithic model of good teaching methods.

IDEA not only provides ratings of teaching effectiveness, but suggestions to help the instructor improve. The eight-page report, which gives a detailed analysis of the results from each class, describes strengths and weaknesses of the instructor's current teaching methods. This is based on the objectives the instructor identifies as essential or very important. All results are returned to the faculty member, along with comments that students have made on the evaluation forms.

Faculty members should contact the WSU Counseling and Testing Center. For more information send email to

If you have questions about how to use IDEA or the results it provides, or if you want to order IDEA for your classes, contact

Kimberly Bailey, Testing Specialist

Faculty may contact the IDEA Center at 1-800-255-2757, or visit the IDEA website for more information on this excellent assessment tool. For courses that are offered online, instructors have the option of using an online version of the IDEA assessment.