Auxiliary Aids / Adaptive Equipment

Aids/Equipment available for users of ODS:

  • Digital audio recorders
  • FM assistive listening device (Phonic Ear)
  • Infrared assistive listening system
  • Infrared receivers for use in main auditoriums
  • Wireless microphones and receivers
  • Wheelchairs for emergency or temporary usage
  • Braille materials
  • Large print materials
  • Two visual techs (one in Ablah Library, room 323 and one in our office)
  • Adaptive computer with screen reader, scanner, dictation software (in Ablah Library, room 323)

The student and ODS staff will initial an equipment check-out list and an equipment check-out agreement form. All equipment will be inspected by ODS staff before the student receives the equipment and when the student returns the equipment. Any damaged equipment will be sent to the Director's office. The Director will arrange a meeting with the student to determine what happened to the equipment. If it is determined the equipment was broken out of negligence, the student will be required to replace, repair or pay for the equipment. If the student is not found to be negligent, ODS will be responsible for replacing the equipment. Any equipment that is lost by a student, staff, or faculty member will be replaced by the person that checked out the equipment.

Any equipment checked out for use in the evening or for a Saturday class needs to be returned to ODS by 9 A.M. on the next day the office is open. Most equipment will only be checked out for a class or a meeting. If a student needs the equipment for the entire day, the student must let us know when checking out the equipment. If the student will need to use equipment on a regular basis during the semester, the student will need to place this information on a "Permanent Request for Service" form.

ODS has a limited amount of auxiliary equipment and we try to use it as efficiently as possible, therefore, we rarely check out equipment for the entire semester or for extended periods of time. If you believe your situation warrants having the equipment for extended periods of time, please talk with the Director. The time lines we have established work effectively for our office. Any exceptions to these time lines must be approved by the Director of ODS.