Note-Taking Services

Note-taking services are provided to any student who has registered with the Office of Disability Services, and has provided the documentation that supports this service. Disability Services encourages students to look for a classmate to provide notes. If the student is unable to find a note-taker in the class, ODS will assist the student in this process. This student note-taker will receive a stipend from ODS based on the service agreement they complete with ODS.

ODS will make copies of the note-taker’s notes, at no charge, in our office. With the increased use of laptops in classrooms, note-takers may also find it easier to simply email the notes to the student or to the note-taker coordinator for printing.

ODS knows each student has a style of notes they believe to be the most beneficial for them. We encourage students to speak with their note-taker about the style of notes they prefer. Students are also encouraged to show copies of notes they have received to their instructors to see if the quality of notes is sufficient for the class

Note-taking strategies:

  • If possible, take some notes for yourself during class. This will reinforce the notes you receive from your note-taker. If your instructor uses Blackboard for class notes and power point presentations, download a copy to have with you in class.
  • Rewrite and organize your notes the same day as the class. This will help reinforce the material.