Program and Service Guidelines

Class Attendance

The WSU classroom attendance policy states it is the student's responsibility to "attend all meetings of each class in which they are enrolled (instructors will announce at the beginning of the semester if they consider attendance in computing final grades.) (2011-12 Undergraduate Catalog, p. 34)

ODS is not obligated to provide services for students who do not attend class. Students may request continuation of services from the Director if the absence is due to a disability-related issue. Otherwise, if a student misses a class, regular services may not be provided.

Requesting Services for the Semester

When a student makes initial contact with the ODS, the Director or the Assistant Director will schedule a meeting to obtain information from the student and enter this information into the ODS database. At this initial meeting, policies, procedures and forms relevant to the services requested for the semester will be discussed with the student. This meeting will culminate with a completed "Semester Service Agreement" form that will be kept on file in the ODS office. It is necessary that current documentation of disability for each student also be on file at ODS.

Requests for classroom tests can be made in person or by calling the testing coordinator at 316-978-3309, and requests for interpreters for extracurricular events can be made by contacting the Assistant Director. These requests need to be made at least 3 days in advance.

Canceling/Changing Services

Students are required to inform ODS when they plan to cancel or change scheduled services. ODS has a telephone voice mail system (316-978-3309) and a videophone (316-854-3032) that are activated after office hours to allow the student to call and cancel or change services. ODS is not a demand responsive system.

If a student changes or cancels services, the following should occur:

  1. The student can substitute the scheduled service with a new, revised request which will occur during their previously scheduled time period, but they must inform ODS of the change prior to the scheduled service. Depending on the nature of the substituted service, ODS will make the determination as to the availability of staff to provide that service.
  2. The student should meet with the Director or Assistant Director to permanently cancel services or change services. Changes to the "Semester Service Agreement" form should be completed to reflect the new services.

Review of Services

All incidents regarding absenteeism, tardiness, cancellations, changes, and interruption of service will be documented by ODS staff and submitted to the Director for review. If a student develops a consistent pattern of behavior that causes a disruption in scheduling the provisions of services, or is confrontational with ODS employees, the following steps will occur to rectify the situation:

  1. The Director will meet with the student to discuss the issues and develop a mutually agreed upon action plan to correct the situation. The plan will include goals, objectives, and compliance time lines to be monitored by the Director.
  2. If the issues continue, a second meeting with the Director will take place to evaluate the situation. Final written time lines to resolve the problem will be established at this meeting.
  3. If the issues are not resolved after the second meeting, the Director will refer the student to the Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards. The student will be notified of this in writing and services will continue, pending the decision of the Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards.