Proctoring Tests

Proctoring responsibilities may include the following:

  • reading test questions to the student
  • writing or typing answers on essay tests
  • filling in boxes of standardized test forms or bubble sheets
  • picking up/returning exams
  • escorting student to test location
  • reporting test infractions (see Test Problem Notification)
  • enlarging or brailling tests
  • being present in the test room with student

Proctors are not to clarify questions on any exam. Interpretation of the question is the student's responsibility. Proctors may read the questions as many times as requested by the student. Proctors should not emphasize points they think are important as this may confuse the student.

Proctors may only write or type what the student dictates is the answer. Proctors are not allowed to spell words that the student states he/she cannot spell. Proctors are not allowed to write or type punctuation or grammatical improvements on the exam.

The following activities may cause distractions for the student sothe test proctor should not engage in:

  • any activity that distracts the student such as pencil or finger tapping, flipping through pages, chewing or popping gum, eating food, sucking on straws or chewing on ice, floor pacing, loud sighing or yawning, continual coughing or throat clearing
  • placing or receiving cell phone calls
  • listening to music with headphones using a walkman or any other electronic device
  • use any computer equipment unless it is for authorized student exam usage
  • putting head down on table or sleeping while proctoring exam
  • leaving the student who is taking an exam unattended for any length of time

If the proctor is not required to assist the student during exam the proctor may work on homework or read a book or magazine.

Proctors and students may take one 5-minute break for every hour of a scheduled exam. Students may not take any part of an exam with them during break. Proctors must ensure that upon return from the break, student has not brought any unauthorized item back into the exam room.

All students and Disability Services Office employees must adhere to the WSU Student Academic Integrity Policy of the Kansas Board of Regents as written in the WSU Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs.

All students and Disability Services Office employees must adhere to the WSU Policy on Security and Confidentiality of Student Records and Files.