Testing and Test Room Policies


If you are late for your exam, you will only be allowed the maximum amount of time as indicated on the test envelope.

Only auxiliary aids permitted by the instructor, i.e., calculator, dictionary, notes, open book, etc. will be allowed in testing room. All other items, i.e., cell phones, purses, coats, book bags, etc. will be checked in at the DS reception desk.

Your exam will be terminated at the time that is scheduled for your exam to end.

You may take one 5-minute break for every hour of testing. You must inform the DS front desk when you are taking a break away from the exam room and when you are returning to the exam room. The break can only be utilized for restroom or stretching purposes.

You will not be allowed to take your exam or any other auxiliary aids from the exam room during your break. You will also not be allowed to return to the exam room with any unauthorized items.

You may not be allowed to use the DS phone or your personal cell phone during your break.

You must obtain permission from the DS Test Coordinator, or Scheduling Coordinator, Director, or Services Coordinator to place phone calls to your instructor during your exam, or to deviate from any aspect of your exam.

Report to DS staff any noise, distraction, or environmental situation in the test room that interferes with your ability to take your test.

If evidence is found or an observation has been made in regard to cheating during a test, the exam will be immediately terminated and all materials confiscated. The test coordinator will contact the instructor regarding the incident, and decisions regarding further action associated with cheating will be deferred to the instructor.