Typing/Transcribing Papers

The Office of Disability Services will type papers and transcribe tapes for students whose disability requires assistance with typing. ODS should receive a Request for Service form three school days before a dictation appointment. Typing will be done by Student Assistants (SA) who are proficient at word processing under the supervision of the permanent staff. We use MS Word on a PC or Macintosh computer. ODS will place all of a student's papers on the student's flash drive.

Timelines for papers.

  • 1-3 Page Paper - 3 Business Days
  • 3-5 Page Paper - 7 Business Days
  • 5+ Page Paper - 10+ Business Days

The Office of Disability Services will return the original, the rough draft, the student's corrections, and a copy of the final paper to the student. (ODS will maintain a copy of the final paper on a disk rather than printed paper). Sometimes we will be able to complete work early, but we cannot guarantee early completion of assignments.

The student can submit materials to ODS in written, typed, or taped format. If the student wishes to dictate a paper, the paper may be dictated to a SA. The rough draft from the dictation will be read back to the student for corrections and clarification.

When the student submits the original material, a rough draft will be typed and given to the student for correction. Only one rough draft will be provided. The rough draft is not to be used for rewriting but is an opportunity to correct errors. ODS will run a spelling check on all papers before the rough draft is returned. If unusual words or names are used in papers, the student needs to check these words carefully; the SA will not independently make these corrections. It is extremely important that the rough draft be proofread by the student carefully, since the final draft is final.

It is the responsibility of the student to submit papers in a timely manner which allows ODS to complete the service before the paper is due in class. We cannot guarantee the completion of any paper if an appropriate amount of time is not given. Most papers can be typed and returned as a final draft within one working day. If your paper is more than 5 pages in length you should allow a minimum of 2 working days for us to complete the typing and return the rough draft. Corrections to a rough draft will take one working day to complete. Papers that are dictated or given to ODS on tape will take more time to complete because of the extra work involved in the process.

ODS agrees to abide by this schedule. If the student runs into unexpected problems with papers, ODS will try to accommodate the student. The student may experience some inconvenience if unable to follow ODS timetables. If ODS does not finish a paper according to their timetable and the paper is late, ODS will communicate this to the instructor.

The format and style of papers is the responsibility of the writer. If there are problems with the format or style, the student should arrange for a study partner to help with the format and style before delivering the paper for typing. Format and style are usually specified by the instructor, and the typist must receive clear written instructions on format and style. If our equipment cannot be used for the desired format or style, we will write a note to the instructor stating our limitations.

Another option for students is to come into ODS and use the Dragon Naturally Speaking software to complete writing assignments. Once the software has learned the student's voice patterns, the student can simply speak into the microphone and the program will type the words. The student can go back and edit as necessary, save the paper to a flash drive, print it and take it to class.