Handbook: General Information for Deaf Students Attending WSU

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As a Deaf student at WSU, there are services available to you through the Office of Disability Services. With these services you have rights as well as responsibilities.

Our office provides many services to allow you access to WSU classes and programs. However, it is important to remember that instructors will not make exceptions for you in terms of classroom policies and procedures because you are deaf. It is your responsibility to attend class in the manner outlined by your instructor.

For each service we provide, there are procedures to be followed and forms to be completed. It is up to you, the consumer, to follow through and make sure you understand our office procedures. If you have questions or are unclear about our policies, procedures or available services, it is up to you to come in and ask or call our office. You can reach us at 316-978-6972 (voice) or 316-854-3032 (videophone).

Qualified Interpreters

Students have the right to qualified interpreters. If you feel your educational needs are not being met due to the skills of your interpreter, you should:

  1. Advise the assistant director of your preferred method of communication so that an interpreter with the appropriate skills can be provided.
  2. Work with your interpreter in establishing a plan to meet your educational needs, and then give the interpreter a chance to implement that plan.
  3. Contact the Assistant Director if this plan is not working so that other arrangements can be made.

Requesting Interpreters

Every student receiving services through the Office of Disability Services is required to sign up for services each semester they will be attending WSU. Signing up for services will allow us to provide interpreters and other accommodations for your classes. To request an interpreter for any situation other than regularly scheduled classes you will need to fill out an Interpreter Request Form located on our web page.

Keep in mind the following when requesting interpreters:

  1. The earlier you submit the form, the better the chances are that your request can be fulfilled.
  2. If you have a class that requires group meetings outside the regular classroom, the group meetings must be held on campus for interpreting services to be provided.
  3. Be sure to leave your contact information on the form so the Assistant Director can contact you in the event we are unable to fulfill your request.