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Accessible Classrooms

Main Campus

All classes at WSU should be in accessible classrooms UNLESS you are enrolled in a class that meets in Fiske Hall. If you discover that your class meets in Fiske and you need an accessible classroom, please contact our director.

Satellite Campus

If the class is at a satellite campus and the student is unfamiliar with the site, the student should drive by the location before class begins. This will allow the student to become familiar with accessible parking and the location of classes. All classrooms at the Westside, Derby and the Metropolitan Complex are accessible.

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Adaptive Recreation


The Heskett Center is an accessible facility and is open to all students currently enrolled and for faculty and staff that pay a fee to use the facilities. If a person with a disability wishes to use the facilities and has difficulty with equipment or access, Heskett Center employees will work with the person to achieve accessibility. All students can arrange a tour of the facility by phoning (316) 978-3082 or by going to the reception desk in the Heskett Center lobby.

Physical Education

Students requesting accommodations for PE classes should approach the instructor of the course for information on requirements of the course. Once this is complete, the student needs to make a request for an accommodation from the instructor on how the course may be adapted. If the student and the instructor cannot come to an agreement or think of an appropriate accommodation, then a meeting with the student, instructor and the Director of ODS should be arranged. Students should begin this process as far in advance as possible to allow the instructor and WSU time to make course and classroom adjustments.

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Auxiliary Aids / Adaptive Equipment

Aids/Equipment available for users of ODS:

  • Digital audio recorders
  • FM assistive listening device (Phonic Ear)
  • Infrared assistive listening system
  • Infrared receivers for use in main auditoriums
  • Wireless microphones and receivers
  • Wheelchairs for emergency or temporary usage
  • Braille materials
  • Large print materials
  • Two visual techs (one in Ablah Library, room 323 and one in our office)
  • Adaptive computer with screen reader, scanner, dictation software (in Ablah Library, room 323)

The student and ODS staff will initial an equipment check-out list and an equipment check-out agreement form. All equipment will be inspected by ODS staff before the student receives the equipment and when the student returns the equipment. Any damaged equipment will be sent to the Director’s office. The Director will arrange a meeting with the student to determine what happened to the equipment. If it is determined the equipment was broken out of negligence, the student will be required to replace, repair or pay for the equipment. If the student is not found to be negligent, ODS will be responsible for replacing the equipment. Any equipment that is lost by a student, staff, or faculty member will be replaced by the person that checked out the equipment.

Any equipment checked out for use in the evening or for a Saturday class needs to be returned to ODS by 9 A.M. on the next day the office is open. Most equipment will only be checked out for a class or a meeting. If a student needs the equipment for the entire day, the student must let us know when checking out the equipment. If the student will need to use equipment on a regular basis during the semester, the student will need to place this information on a “Permanent Request for Service” form.

ODS has a limited amount of auxiliary equipment and we try to use it as efficiently as possible, therefore, we rarely check out equipment for the entire semester or for extended periods of time. If you believe your situation warrants having the equipment for extended periods of time, please talk with the Director. The time lines we have established work effectively for our office. Any exceptions to these time lines must be approved by the Director of ODS.

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Emergency Call Box and Emergency Elevator Phone

Emergency Call Box Currently there are at least twenty emergency call boxes located on the WSU campus. (The plan calls for at least one in sight from every point on campus.) The intended purpose of these call boxes is to provide a way to contact the WSU campus police immediately when an emergency occurs. These boxes do have the capability for two-way communication with the police dispatcher, but two-way communication is not essential.

When the student presses the button, the WSU Police dispatcher will automatically dispatch an officer to the location of the emergency call box and the strobe light on the top of the pole will flash. The dispatcher will continue to monitor what is happening at the call box and can hear what is happening at the site until the officer arrives. The student does not need to continually press the button to communicate with the dispatcher.

In every elevator on campus there is an emergency phone, and it operates in a similar fashion as the emergency call box. Once the phone is lifted off the receiver, the campus police receive the call. A signal is sent, letting the campus police know the location of the elevator. Two-way communication is not necessary because the campus police will send an officer immediately to the elevator.

The more information the student can give the dispatcher while waiting for the officers to arrive, the better. This will help the campus police know what is occurring and if there are any additional personnel that should be sent to the site of the emergency.

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Library Services

Library personnel will assist students with retrieving books if the student needs short periods of assistance. If the student will need someone for assistance for more than 15 minutes, the student should contact ODS 2 days before the service is needed and request assistance in the Library. ODS will provide a SA to work with the student in the library. The library does have two accessible computer terminals for students using wheelchairs located near the reference section.

The library has a room designated for use by students with disabilities. This room contains two computers and two visual techs. Students can use room 323 by stopping at the circulation desk and asking for the key. The student will be required to sign a check-out sheet for the key. After the student is finished using the room, the student should lock the door and return the key to the circulation desk.

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ODS Call Box

ODS Call Box A call box is located in the northwest corner of parking lot #15 located near the Office of Disability Services. This call box can be used to notify ODS staff when a student has arrived on campus and needs assistance. The call box is yellow and is attached to the light post nearest the “accessible” loading zone at the west end of the parking lot.

To operate the call box, simply press the button and ODS’s phone will answer the call. Do not continue to press the button. When we answer, just speak into the speaker. Some students may wish to carry a stick or reacher to reach the button more easily. If the call is not answered by ODS staff after five rings, the call transfers to the University Police Department. The call box is often used by bus drivers delivering or picking up students. If a student is unable to use the call box, that person should call ODS and tell ODS staff the approximate time they will arrive on campus. ODS staff will then wait for the student to arrive.

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All students, staff, and faculty should obtain a copy of the University Traffic Regulations, acquire the proper permit(s) for their vehicles, and be aware of parking regulations on campus. Faculty and staff permits are issued on July and are valid until June 3Oth of the following year.

Persons needing accessible parking permits must obtain an Accesible Tag or Hanging Decal from the State of Kansas, Department of Motor Vehicles. WSU Police can provide a one week temporary accessible parking permit. This temporary permit is not renewable.

WSU Traffic Regulations 4.16
“All vehicles parked in WSU designated accessible parking areas must have a current WSU parking permit or any handicapped parking permit issued in accordance with K.S.A. 8-161 and 8-1,125.”

The University uses the internationally recognized BLUE symbol parking signs to designate disability-accessible parking spaces. The University enforces state law and University parking regulations which require the display of the DISABLED parking permit and the possession of the required written permit authorization, for inspection purposes, for anyone that utilizes these spaces.

See the WSU Parking Home Page for additional information on acquiring an ePermit or Visitor parking.

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