National TRIO Day 2014

Answering questions from students across Kansas became a prime mission for a top U.S. Department of Education (DOE) leader known as a "TRIO legend." Linda Byrd-Johnson, Ph.D. was an inspiring messenger at the first town hall meeting held in conjunction with the 2014 National TRIO Day at Wichita State University. Byrd-Johnson spoke before more than 200 people who attended the event at the Wichita State Eugene M. Hughes Metropolitan Complex.

Her appearance was engineered by Deltha Q. Colvin, associate vice president for Campus Life and University Relations, who described Byrd-Johnson as an honoree, who has distinguished her-self with the university for more than 30 years. . . . a legend in the TRIO community."

For additional online content, including student interviews, feedback from TRIO Staff, and testimonials from community members and WSU administrators, please visit the 2014 National TRIO Day YouTube channel created by WSU's Office of Special Programs.