Kansas is not generally thought of as earthquake country. In recent years, however, the number and severity of earthquakes in the state -- especially those emanating from the oil and gas fields along the Kansas/Oklahoma border southwest of Wichita -- have spiked and appear to be increasing.

Nothing approaching a major earthquake has ever originated in Kansas. The largest event in recorded history was a 5.1 magnitude quake centered near Manhattan, Kan., in 1867. That magnitude is considered "moderate" on the Modified Mercalli Scale of earthquake intensity.

Despite the low risk of a major event, here are some resources that can help you be better prepared should a large earthquake take place.

OSHA Earthquakes Guide
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration emergency guide on how to prepare before an earthquake.

Drop, Cover and Hold Earthquake Preparedness Training Video
Shows detailed instruction and visual demonstration of the Drop, Cover and Hold procedure for surviving a major earthquake.
Part 1 | Part 2

Red Cross Earthquake Preparedness Guide
Earthquake safety tips and preparedness actions provided by the American Red Cross.

Kansas Geological Survey earthquakes page
Lots of information about the Kansas geology, Kansas earthquake history and induced seismicity.

USGS Kansas Earthquakes Information page
Information about earthquake history in Kansas compiled by the United States Geological Survey.