Vacation leave is the use of accumulated paid leave with prior approval of the supervisor. Employees earn vacation leave for hours worked in pay status. Vacation leave is credited to the employee each biweekly pay period and can be used in 4 or 8-hour increments for exempt employees and in 0.25-hour increments by non-exempt employees. Leave earned during a pay period cannot be used until the first day of the following pay period. When an employee is not in pay status for an entire payroll period the earned vacation accrual will be calculated proportionately. Overtime worked and additional payments for holidays worked are not counted in determining vacation leave earned. Employees who become ill while on vacation may use accumulated sick leave. Benefits eligible employees will earn 6.77 hours of vacation leave per each 80 hours in pay status. Part-time employees' vacation earnings are prorated by number of hours in pay status. No vacation leave will be earned when an employee is on leave without pay.

Vacation leave should be arranged in advance with the approval of the employee's supervisor/budge officer. It should be recognized that utilization of accrued vacation time benefits the employee and the University. Supervisors and budget officers are encouraged to accommodate and facilitate reasonable requests for vacation leave. Subject to University needs, no employee should go longer than 12 months without taking vacation leave.

Maximum vacation leave payout upon resignation/retirement for University Support Staff employees is based on their years of service. (Also see Resignation/Retirement.) Unclassified employees may receive, upon termination from employment or upon moving from a position earning vacation leave to a faculty position for less than 12 months, payment for no more than 176 hours of vacation leave. At retirement, or at termination of employment when retirement eligible (age 55 to 59 must have at least ten years of service in a benefits-eligible position at a Regents institution), an unclassified employee may receive payment for up to 240 hours of vacation leave per Board of Regents policy.

  • University Support Staff probationary and regular employees who are eligible to earn vacation leave may accumulate a maximum of 304 vacation hours. If employee's balance is at the maximum, they will no longer earn vacation hours. Leave earned during a pay period cannot be used until the first day of the following pay period.
  • Unclassified Professional Staff who have a 12 month appointment earn vacation leave. Leave earned during a pay period cannot be used until the first day of the following pay period. The maximum vacation earned is 176.00 hours (22 days) per fiscal year and the maximum balance to carry is 304.00 hours (38 days).

Benefits-Eligible Exempt Vacation Leave Earnings (9/10-month faculty do not earn vacation leave)

Appointment FTE Hours Earned per Pay Period
.50 - .74 5.08
.75 - 1.00 6.77
Maximum Accumulation Equivalent to 304 hours

Benefits-Eligible Non-exempt Vacation Leave Earnings

Hours in Pay Status per Pay Period Hours Earned per Pay Period
0 - 9 0.0
10 - 19 0.85
20 - 29 1.70
30 - 39 2.54
40 - 49 3.39
50 - 59 4.24
60 - 69 5.08
70 - 79 5.93
80 - 89 6.77
Maximum of Accumulation of Hours 304

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