Recipient Eligibility

For a University employee to be eligible to apply for Shared Leave, he or she must meet the following qualifications:

  • He or she must be a university support staff employee, faculty and/or unclassified professional
  • He or she must accumulate sick leave
  • He or she must have worked for the University or state service for at least six continuous months, including time worked as a temporary employee
  • He or she must have a satisfactory attendance record and performance rating (must be documented on the employee's performance appraisal form)
  • He or she must have exhausted all paid leave (i.e. sick leave, vacation leave, compensatory time and discretionary holiday)*
  • He or she cannot perform duties of his or her job
  • He or she must not be receiving Workers' Compensation, Long-Term Disability payments, or both (per K.A.R. 1-9-23C)

*Shared Leave does not start until the employee has used up all accrued leave balances (i.e. sick leave, vacation time, compensatory time and discrentionary holiday).

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Revised: 03/28/2018 DC