What to do if you are injured while working or suffer a work-related illness.

If you have suffered an injury or illness while working, please follow the steps listed below:

1. Notify your supervisor as soon as possible.

Emergency Incidents (life or limb threatening): Call 911 to seek immediate medical attention. From a campus phone, 911 connects you to the WSU Police Department, who will send first aid or an EMT to assist you. Step 2 and 3 in the process can be completed after you have received a first level of care. Any additional care beyond the first level, will need to be authorized and scheduled by the State Self-Insurance Fund (SSIF) if you are filing a workers compensation claim for a work-related incident.

Serious/Urgent Incidents (broken bone, profuse bleeding, head injury, stitches, chemicals in eyes, etc.): Seek urgent or emergency care as soon as possible. Step 2 and 3 in the process can be completed after you have received a first level of care. Any additional care beyond the first level, will need to be authorized and scheduled by SSIF if you are filing a workers compensation claim for a work-related incident.

Minor Incidents (back strain, ankle sprain, etc.): Prior authorization is required by the State Self Insurance Fund (SSIF) before you seek medical attention. Your supervisor (or HR if your supervisor is unavailable) may contact SSIF on your behalf to initiate the process. You may seek treatment prior to SSIF authorization if you feel it is necessary, but you will have to proceed under your personal insurance and you will be responsible for any billing if the claim is ultimately denied as compensable.

NOTE: Student Health Services will no longer provide services for work-related illness or injuries.

HR must document all occupational accidents and illnesses of employees. Review and determination of whether or not your injury or illness is compensable under the State of Kansas Workers Compensation program is managed by the State Self Insurance Fund (SSIF).

2. Supervisor completes a first report with SSIF if a State of Kansas Workers Compensation program claim is being file. (If the employee is not seeking Workers Compensation, skip to Step 3.)

Supervisors: You or another department manager may file the first report of work-related injury or illness with SSIF on behalf of your employee. The first report should be completed as soon as practical for emergency or urgent incidents and prior to the employee seeking medical treatment if the incident is minor. If you have questions about the claim intake process, contact the main Human Resources phone number at 316-978-3065 or email for assistance.

  • Call the main SSIF phone number at 785-296-2364* to report the injury/illness, Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.
  • The receptionist will transfer your call to an adjuster to complete the intake process.
  • Provide as much of the following information as possible (information in italics is required): employer, reporter's name and phone number, worker’s name and contact number, social security number, date of birth, supervisor’s contact information, date of injury, date reported, details of the accident, injured body parts, will a prescription first fill letter be provided to the employee (yes, it’s attached to the Accident or Illness Report form posted below), worker’s shift, any prior claims (if known).

*NOTE: There is no voicemail so if you call during business hours and the phone is not answered, simply hang up and dial again.


Based on the intake process, the SSIF adjuster may be able to determine prior authorization for you to seek medical treatment for a minor incident (or additional treatment for an emergency/urgent incident) on the call. If the adjuster authorizes treatment, he/she will contact an approved medical provider to schedule an appointment and then contact you to confirm when the appointment will occur. If the adjuster cannot determine compensability at the time of the intake call, they will let the caller know the treatment is not authorized at that time.

Healthcare providers near the main campus location:

For minor and non-urgent/emergency care If prior authorization has been received from SSIF*:

  • Via Christi Occupational & Environmental Medicine - East Location: 2535 E. Lincoln, (316) 687-9794, Hours: 7:30am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
  • Via Christi Occupational & Environmental Medicine - West Location: 501 N. Maize, (316) 721-5000, Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday

For urgent/emergency care:

  • Via Christi Clinic East Immediate Care: 3311 E. Murdock, (316) 274-8107, Hours: Monday - Friday, 5:00pm - 7;30pm; Saturday and Sunday, 7:30am - 7pm
  • Wesley Medical Center Emergency Room: 550 N. Hillside, (316) 962-2000 or 2610 N. Woodlawn, (316) 858-2610; Hours: Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

NOTE: If you seek treatment from a medical provider prior to SSIF authorization, you will need to proceed with treatment through your personal health insurance. If your SSIF claim is denied, you will be responsible for any billing associated with your injury or illness. Additionally, if you consult your own health care provider or other non-approved provider, reimbursement may be limited to $500.00 toward medical expenses. The amount of time given to report the injury or illness to SSIF is also reduced.

3. Complete Wichita State University’s Employee Accident and Illness Report and Prescription Form and submit to OHR within 3 days of incident.

Accident or Illness Report – Download a PDF file

4. Submit any paperwork to HR given at your doctor’s visit, including any follow-up visits.

When you seek medical attention from a physician, you must notify that physician when your visit is for a workers’ compensation claim. This should signal the doctor to give you proper forms to be submitted to HR, but you may want to specifically ask your doctor if they need to give you any paperwork related to Workers Compensation to submit to your employer. It is very important to submit all documentation to HR to ensure all of your visits are eligible for compensation.
Some examples include:

  • Doctor’s medical/return to work report(s): This type of form includes diagnosis, prognosis, return to work date, limitations, work restrictions, medical test referrals, and/or prescriptions.
  • Progress Report(s): These reports are given during follow-up visits to physicians. Every time you see your treating physician, you must collect these progress reports.

5. Optional forms:

Mileage Reimbursement form
If you wish to be reimbursed for mileage to medical appointments or prescription pick-ups, you must complete and submit this form to the Human Resources.

Mileage Form - PDF.

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