The OHR 210/Additional Compensation form is used to reimburse exempt unclassified WSU employees for work not related to their regular duties and not performed during regular work hours (e.g. teaching a class). For a non-exempt hourly employee to teach a class, the OHR 311/Hourly Lecturer Compensation form should be completed.

  1. Place an X in the box to indicate whether the position is for state or affiliated corporation.
  2. Complete the prepared by information with your name, campus phone number and the date the paperwork is prepared.
  3. The employee information section must include the myWSU ID# and full name of the employee who is receiving additional compensation.
  4. The comments section may be used for any notes to clarify the request or to identify sources of funding outside the base budget for the organization.
  5. Next enter the employee's primary organization, organization number and position number.
  6. Enter information of the organization requesting payment for services as well as the specific services requested -- must conform to Section 3.25 of the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual. If the position number for the organization requesting payment for services is not known, leave position number blank and the budget office will assign a position number.
  7. The funding source should indicate whether the compensation is to be paid from general or restricted use funds, the fund number, the number of payments and the total compensation exclusive of benefits.
  8. Enter the effective date(s) of the additional compensation and the date(s) compensation is to be paid.
  9. The requesting budget and budget review officers and the employee's primary budget review officer are to sign and date the form. The organization completing the form should make and retain one copy and send the original to the University Budget Office, campus box #47. If the organization is in the division of Academic Affairs and Research, the OHR 210 and supporting documentation should be forwarded to the Office of the Provost and Sr. Vice President, campus box #13, attention Dr. Tony Vizzini.
  10. The University Budget Office will process and forward the form to the appropriate president/vice president for review and authorized signature. The form will then be returned to the University Budget Office for distribution as noted on the bottom of the form.

Reviewed: 08/12/2014