OHR 311/Non-exempt Lecturer Appointment

Instructions to allow a fulltime non-exempt employee to teach a class concurrently.

  • Teaching cannot exceed 50% of their total duties between the two positions.
  • Must track hours for teaching position
  • Must turn in two separate time sheets (Time sheet #1 to Fulltime Department, Time sheet #2 to Lecturer department)
  • Each position can be at a different rate
  • Must maintain minimum wage
  • Example of how to calculate rate?
    • # of credit hours x 2.5 hour ration = weekly hours worked for lecture position
    • 3 credit hours x 2.5 = 7.5 hours per week
    • 18 weeks = 120 total hours a semester
  • Amount budgeted for teaching this class:
    • $2000 / 120 = $14.81 per hour.
    • This will be paid at Overtime rate of 1.5
    • $14.81/1.5 = $9.87 per hour.
    • (This must be equal to or greater than minimum wage – currently $7.25)
    • $1305 is the smallest budgeted amount that will translate into the hourly minimum wage of $7.25

Employee must understand they are being paid by the hour!

During a holiday week or any week they do not work a full 40 hour week (including weeks they take sick or vacation.) They may not receive all hours worked for the lecturer position at the 1.5 rate. Therefore in this example they will not reach the full $2,000 amount. It is impossible to determine their exact semester total. Therefore only guarantee the hourly amount.

  • Fall semester contains Labor Day and Thanksgiving holidays.
  • Spring semester contains Martin Luther King. Summer contains Independence Day

The employee is responsible for noting on their lecturer time sheet any week in which they do not work a full forty hour work week in their primary position. Their hours should be recorded as OTM.

Employee should notify both timekeepers of this unique situation.
OHR will check the final timekeeping screens to insure total pay is calculated correctly.

The initial hire into the teaching position should be done via an OHR 311 form. Indicate payment amount per hour. The second position will be the same Eclass as the employee’s primary position.

>>Also see Hourly Lecturer Time Reporting Document

Reviewed: 08/26/2014 LA