The OHR 320/Research Appointment is used to appoint an individual to a position at WSU and affiliated corporations that is partially or totally grant/research funded or contract funded. Hiring organization may complete and submit rough draft to the Office of Research & Technology Transfer (ORTT), Box #7 or complete draft and e-mail to (e-mail communication is preferred).

  1. Complete the prepared by information with your name, campus phone number and the date the paperwork is typed and the name of the project director.
  2. In the comments section, a mark in the "Background check completed" box indicates that HR has notified the organization of a satisfactory report from the background check and this section may also be used for any notes to clarify the action. If a re-appointment, comments section must be used to indicate whether this is for University Support Staff re-instatement, re-employment or transfer from another agency.
  3. Place an X in the box to indicate classification:
    • Faculty/Temp plus Rank (include clarification in the comments)
    • Contingent/Unclassified Professional
    • University Support Staff/Limited Term
    • University Support Staff/Temporary
  4. Place an X in the box to indicate the type of appointment:
    • New
    • Re-appointment and also indicate with an X whether the appointment is --
      • 9 month
      • 10 month
      • 12 month or
      • Term (Other)
  5. The employee information section must include full name of the employee, the myWSU ID#, home address, and the campus address. Note: The name and WSU ID# of the supervisor of this employee are required.
  6. Enter degree information for any unclassified appointment.
  7. Enter salary/funding information where indicated and whether the employee will be paid in one payment or biweekly.
  8. Note the organization number(s), position number(s), fund number(s), appointment FTE(s) - full time equivalency - and the annual base pay/hourly rate.
  9. The Office of Research will verify information, sign and date the form, and forward the original to the appropriate Dean or Budget Review Officer who will make and retain one copy. The original form is returned to the Office of Research, campus box #7. The OHR form is then hand delivered to the University Budget Office, campus box #47.
  10. The University Budget Office will distribute as noted on the bottom of the form.

OHR 320/Appointment

Reviewed: 04/29/2015