The OHR 330/Summer Session Appointment Authorization is used to hire/pay faculty/lecturers that are teaching courses for credit in the Summer. Also used to change salary, funding, or assignment for original OHR 330 authorizations.

  1. Complete the prepared by information with your name, campus phone number and the date the paperwork is typed.
  2. Place an X in the box to indicate whether the appointment is an original authorization or a change. If it's a change, note whether it's a change of salary, funding, and/or assignment. If new assignment, enter assignment information on next line.
  3. The appointment information must include the full name of the employee being appointed to the position, myWSU ID#, title, total summer salary, organization name and number, and indicate whether there is documentation of English language proficiency on file and if a background check has been completed.
  4. Enter funding organization number in the heading of each row as needed to indicate pay per position corresponding work and pay dates for total pay and include the fund number for each line.
  5. Enter assignment information and complete the total teaching load.
  6. The Budget Review Officer of the organization is to sign and date the form; then the organization should make and retain one copy and send the original to the Office of the Provost and Sr. Vice President, campus box #13, attention Dr. Tony Vizzini.
  7. The University Budget Office will process and forward the form to the Office of the Provost for review and authorized signature. The form will then be returned to the University Budget Office for distribution as noted on the bottom of the form.

OHR 330/Summer Session Appointment Authorization

Reviewed: 08/27/14