Leader Talking Points

  • As we look to encourage efficiencies, Wichita State University is moving to a technology-based solution that supports the proper on-line form I-9 completion.
    • Maintenance and overall record retention management will reduce the University’s liability and human error. This software provides a better user experience and in the long run, will be extremely economical.
    • HR has selected Equifax I-9 Management Solution software as our preferred vendor. WSU is utilizing other Equifax solutions to assist in managing Employment Verifications and ACA compliance.
    • The project consists of 2 phases
      • Phase 1: automating the current process of Form I-9 for completion for new hires and for re-certifications to ensure proper completion.
      • Phase 2: audit and remediation process for previously completed Form I-9s to reduce liability of potential technical errors.

Phase 1: New Hire Form I-9 Completion

  • In the Spring of 2019, we built the system and validated that it is functioning correctly for New Hire forms.  In the Spring of 2020, we began the audit and remediation of all current forms.

Phase 2: Audit/Remediation Information

  • Current employees may be required to make form corrections through a secure methodology within 7 days of receiving notification.
    • Employees will receive an e-mail from an I-9 e-mail box which will give them instructions to go to the MyWSU secure portal, which will contain the link for them to get directly into their I-9.
    • Some employees may need to bring in documentation for audit staff to review and add to their Form I-9 on file. Affected employees will receive additional information in their e-mail regarding the need to bring in their documentation.
    • HR will begin general communication 2 weeks prior to the start of the audit and remediation portion.
    • HR has established an inbox and have a phone line for employees who have questions or concerns about making a correction to their I-9.
    • HR will also host open lab times for employees who need in person assistance.
  • Your role as a leader will be to encourage employees to make the requested corrections, know how employees can get assistance, and complete any required corrections on your own record timely to help alleviate any concerns that your employees might have or experience the open lab with any affected employees that may want additional assistance.


Updated: 3/11/2020 LNP