Non-Benefit Eligible Hire Form Instructions

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Type of Hire (Select one from the following list):

  • Student Employment – Positions that are held by individuals whose primary role at the University is the pursuit of a course of academic study and who, incidental to that primary role, are employed by the University to work on campus. Student employment is considered a type of financial aid and should be used to enhance the recruitment and retention of students. Students must meet enrollment criteria.
    • Student: Regular or Federal Work Study (RS, WS, or ZS)
    • Graduate Assistantship (GA, GTA, GRA, ZG) – Positions are approved through the Grad School and are for one semester in length.
  • Lecturer (LP) – Non-tenure track faculty who are hired for one semester at a time.
  • Temp-Hourly or Salary (U3, Z3, U4, Z4) – Individuals who are employed by the University in a non-benefit eligible status in a part-time capacity, or to work on a specific project typically lasting up to one year in length.

Hire Status (Select one from the following list):

  • Hire – An employee who has never worked at WSU previously.
  • Rehire – An employee who has worked at WSU previously or an employee who is changing from one non-benefit eligible classification to another (i.e. a student is changing to a temporary status, or a graduate assistant is changing to a lecturer). The employee could have worked at the University at any time, and in any capacity including student, graduate assistantship, lecturer, temporary, or benefit eligible position.
  • Add Job – An employee who holds a non-benefit eligible position and is adding another non-benefit eligible position, with the intent of working in both (or multiple) positions.

Employee Information

First Name: Provide full, legal, first name of employee

Middle Name or Initial (optional): Provide legal middle name or Initial of employee

Last Name: Provide full, legal, last name of employee

WSUID (if available): Provide WSUID number for student employment or if the Temp/Lecturer is a rehire.

Email Address: Provide Non-WSU email address (i.e. Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) of employee. This is the email that will be used to 1) send the employee the electronic new hire paperwork in Onboard, 2) send the employee the link to complete a background check, if required 3) communicate about the hiring process, and 3) create the employee’s login to systems including Onboard and Banner Employee Self-Service Portal. ** It is important to provide a current and accurate email address.

Personal Phone Number: Provide a phone number for HR to contact the employee if an issue occurs with the new hire paperwork process.

Position Information

Org Number: Provide the Org Number where the employee will be working.

Position Number: Provide the position number if the employee is hired into an existing position. The only time the position is not needed is if the employee will be placed in a new position. The position information can be found by accessing Reporting Services.

First Day of Work: Provide the start date for the employee. **The employee must complete new hire paperwork and the ePAF must be approved before the employee’s First Day of Work.

End Date: Provide the end date for all Temporary Employees, Lecturers, or Graduate Assistantships.

Hiring Department

Department Contact: Provide the name of the person in the department who will be notified when the Onboard paperwork has been emailed to the employee, when the ePAF can be started, and when the Onboard paperwork is completed by the employee. This is also the person who will have access to see the status of the Onboard process at any time. This does not have to be the employee’s supervisor.

Department Contact Email: Provide the email of the Department Contact.
Person completing Form with WSUID: Provide the name and WSU ID of the person completing the form. This is needed if a question arises about the information that is provided on the form.

US Export Compliance Requirement: Due to the type of work being done, US citizenship or a license may be required to work in some positions at the University. It is critical that these restrictions are only used when mandated by import/export laws. To determine if a position has export validation requirements, click on the following link:

Export Compliance Information
Once the Export Compliance Requirement has been determined, choose the appropriate selection from the drop-down menu. It is important to remember that this is a determination for the position.

Choose Reason for Background Check: If a background check is needed, select the respective reason from the drop-down menu. If a background check is not needed, select “No-Background check not needed”.

Background Check Billing Org: Provide the “org” number that should be billed if a background check is needed. If the background check is not needed, type “N/A”.

Background Check Billing Fund: Provide the fund that should be billed if a background check is needed. Provide the billing fund information if a background check is needed for the position. If the background check should be paid from GU funds, the account number should be A2000. If a background check for the position should be paid from RU funds, the account number should begin with letter (i.e. D1234). If the background check is not needed, type “N/A”.

Comments: Provide any comments or information that is not already included on the form.
Submit via Email: This form should be saved to your computer. Then open the saved form, complete the form, and click “Submit via Email”. This prompts an outlook email that is addressed by default to


Revised 9/4/2018 DC