Job Analysis Questionnaire

Wichita State University is moving forward with the Classification and Market Study beginning with the Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) process. University Support Staff, Unclassified Professional Staff and their Supervisors are required to complete a JAQ so the Office of Human Resources can collect job-specific information for the Study.

Please complete a JAQ by clicking on the link provided, or by requesting a paper copy of the form by calling Human Resources at extension 3065.

>>Complete the online JAQ form

The purpose of the JAQ is to ensure the Study will have accurate information to evaluate each job’s current responsibilities/duties. The information will then be used to compare jobs in the market place for new title assignments. The JAQ is the staff members’ and direct supervisor’s only opportunity to have direct input into the designation of the title and salary during the Study. It is essential employees complete the JAQ to allow our Study consultant (CBIZ) and Human Resources (HR) to make informed decisions regarding job title assignments. Employees are their own best resources for completing a JAQ. The JAQ will capture job duties, responsibilities and qualifications.

We encourage employees to complete the online JAQ. Employees with limited access to computers during work time may call HR at extension 3065 and a paper copy of the JAQ will be sent to the employee’s work address. Employees will need to provide their supervisor with a copy of the JAQ once completed.

If employees and coworkers have the same job title, job duties and supervisor, employees may manually complete the JAQ as a group. The group will need to include the names and WSU ID numbers of everyone in the group. Employees will not be able to complete the online JAQ, if it is completed as a group.

Please read the JAQ instructions carefully. Employees will find it most helpful to read the entire JAQ before beginning to complete it. Please be certain to fill out the JAQ thoroughly so an accurate, detailed picture of the position is submitted. If employees cannot complete the JAQ all at once, they will have the ability to pause the JAQ and come back to it at a later time. Employees may complete the JAQ on work time. After the employee has completed the online JAQ, the responses will be forwarded electronically to the supervisor for review. As noted above, if the employee prints a paper copy of the JAQ and completes it manually, the employee is responsible for forwarding the completed JAQ to the appropriate supervisor.

The Supervisor will provide comments to supplement the information the employee provided; the responses the employee provided in the JAQ will not be altered. Once the supervisor has completed the review of the JAQ, it will be forwarded to CBIZ and they will use this information to evaluate the job based on current responsibilities/duties and accurately compare it to the market place.

To ensure the supervisor has ample time to review the JAQ submission from the employee, please complete the online JAQ by February 13, 2015. If employees need assistance in completing the JAQ, several labs have been scheduled and staff from HR will be available to assist you.

>>See schedule of labs being offering to assist with the JAQ

If employees or supervisors have questions concerning this process or the JAQ, please submit a question via email to the project team at or contact Human Resources by telephone at 316-978-3065.

Reviewed: 12//10/14 SK