Email Sent to Supervisors

WSU Supervisors of Unclassified Professional Staff and University Support Staff:

You have received multiple communications regarding a campus wide project that requires all UP and USS employees to complete a Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) that will be analyzed by CBIZ Human Capital Services. In addition to completing the JAQ for your position, you will also receive the JAQs completed by all of your direct reports. You will need to review each JAQ and complete the last page “Job Analysis Questionnaire – Supervisor Review” for each of your direct reports. This section includes the following questions:

  1. How well does the information the employee provided on the JAQ describe his or her job? Note any clarifications or additions you have and if possible identify the section of the JAQ that applies to each of your comments.
  2. What number of years of related experience is required for this position? Please provide the number of years required to be qualified to perform this position.
  3. What level of formal education is required for this position? Please provide the required degree and field, if appropriate.

Once you have completed this section, you will forward the completed JAQ to HR-Campus Box 15 or online copies can be forwarded to

Your employees need to complete their JAQs by February 13, 2015. Supervisors will receive completed JAQs from employees between now and the final due date. We encourage you to complete the JAQs and forward them to HR as you receive them. You need to have all of your direct report JAQs completed and submitted by February 20, 2015.

Faculty, graduate students, and student employees will not complete a JAQ so please disregard this message if you supervise these positions.

Your participation is critical to the success of this study. Your time and commitment in completing the JAQ process is greatly appreciated.

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Reviewed: 04/02/2015