Checklist for Supervisors of New Employees

Direct supervisors of new employees play the most important role in a new employee's orientation. Research shows that a successful first day is the most crucial piece to positive outcomes for new employees such as retention, higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater organizational commitment and reduction in stress. However, on-boarding is not a one-day event; rather it is an ongoing process. The first week and month are also critical pieces to increasing retention and creating an overall stress-free and productive environment.

Human Resources has introduced a new form called the Supervisor Checklist regarding your employee's placement in their new position and on-boarding experience. This form will help remind you of the most important topics to cover with your new employee during the first few days of employment.

Before and during the first weeks of employment, the new employee's hiring supervisor and/or designated representative should cover the items on the form. However, not all items may be applicable to every employee.

Reviewed: 01/13/2017 RL