How to be Paid for a Holiday:

An employee must be in pay status* the full day before and the full day after a holiday in order to receive holiday pay.

*Time in pay status includes the following:

  • Actual hours worked
  • Compensatory time
  • Donor leave
  • Funeral leave
  • Jury duty
  • Military reserve
  • Sick leave
  • Vacation leave

Compensatory time for the holiday closedown:

Since we know the vacation earning time is shortened considerably when someone is hired in the fall, you as a new employee have the option of discussing with your supervisor the potential to earn some compensatory (comp) hours prior to closedown. Your supervisor must approve earning comp hours.

A few suggestions to discuss with your supervisor:

  • Reduce your lunch hour
  • Come into work 1/2 hour early
  • Stay 1/2 hour later in your work day

Go to Designated Holidays to view scheduled holidays and closedown schedule.