USS to UP Transition Overview

Exciting news for University employees, especially University Support Staff (USS)! The University will offer an option to each USS employee to voluntarily reclassify his/her position to an Unclassified Professional (UP) position. This will allow the University to improve employee equity, simplify the employee structure, and increase efficiency in employee processes.

All USS employees will have the choice to move to Unclassified Professional staff or choose to remain in your current USS classification.

This introductory communication will give a general overview of the transition process and answer general questions regarding the transition from USS to UP. Beginning in February 2016, general informational meetings will be held to provide more detailed information and answer questions. USS employees will also receive personalized letters with detailed information regarding your optional individual transition choices and retirement plan options.

The following are a few advantages:

  • Positive perception of equity in a single employee group
  • Increased equity in application of University policy
  • Centralized employee structure
  • Consolidated university policies and processes for employee groups
  • Efficiency of managing employees
  • Simplify the transition to new job classification structure

For those who elect to reclassify to a UP position, the following are a few of the changes and options:

  • Vacation accrual differences
    • UP vacation accrual is 6.77 hours per pay period.
    • There will be an approximate increase of 4.5 additional vacation days annually for the employees that elect to change to UP.
    • Leave accruals won’t change for employees that elect to stay as USS.
  • Retirement plan options
    • USS employees electing to reclassify to a UP position, will have a one-time irrevocable option to continue in the KPERS & KP&F retirement plan OR change to the KBOR 403(b) retirement plan.
    • USS employees will receive information showing specific differences between retirement plan options.
    • USS employees will receive a Personalized Retirement Comparison document to aid in deciding which option is best for them.


  • Beginning in February 2016 through June 5, 2016 HR will hold general informational meetings
  • Individualized retirement statements, will be available on or before March 1, 2016, for all USS employees
  • All USS employees will have the opportunity to elect to stay USS or to change to UP
    • For the employees which elect to change, the effective date of the change will be June 5, 2016
    • For any USS employee who does not respond, HR will not make any changes
    • Any USS employee may self-elect to change to UP at anytime after June 5, 2016
    • ALL employees that elect to change to UP, must make a one-time irrevocable decision regarding their retirement benefits
  • All searches will be posted as UP effective June 5, 2016

Other factors being considered:

  • Updating University policies
  • University Memorandum of Agreements

Here are other factors that don’t directly relate to this project:

  • Salary increase/decrease
  • Promotion/demotion
  • Changing between USS and UP will not change an employee’s Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) designation from “nonexempt" to "exempt" or vice versa.
  • USS and UP employee groups will use the same Performance Evaluation process.
    • The new myPerformance evaluation system will be used for all USS and UP performance evaluations utilizing the same evaluation criteria, process, and annual evaluation dates.
  • Job titles will not change due to an election to transition a USS position to a UP position. Some titles may change as a result of the CBIZ market study, which is a separate process from this election option.

The University has publicized additional information including dates/times for the informational meetings, detailed information regarding transition options, retirement plan options and contact information for individual consultations.

For additional information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

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