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For walkthroughs and instructions for registration, please visit the Help cube within myWSU shown below.

Click on "Registration".

A list of help documents, and simulations will be listed. Select the instruction you wish to view. If it is a PDF, it will display immediately. If it is a walkthrough or simulation, you will need to click "Start Here: View the Guide".


How do I log in?

  • Go to: http://studentmail.wichita.edu
    • User Name: myWSU ID @ wichita.edu
    • Password: Current myWSU ID password

How much storage will I have?

  • Each user will now have 50GB of storage

Can I receive email/webmail on my mobile device?

  • Yes. Smartphones or mobile devices that support Exchange/Active Sync, or Corporate should be able to connect

Can I forward my email/webmail?

  • You will not be able to forward your @shockers.wichita.edu email/webmail

Will I lose my existing email and contacts?

  • Learn how to transfer email from your old WSU account to your new email (@shockers.wichita.edu account):
    • Logon to myWSU and open Help (blue cube, top right)
    • Open Student email at the top of the page
    • Look for the two Office 365 guides

Which calendars can I view?

  • You can view free/busy entries for faculty, staff, and other students who keep their calendars up to date. Confirm with your instructor if their Outlook calendar is up to date

I have questions that aren't covered here. Where can I go?

  • For more information login to myWSU and select

For Blackboard help visit OneStop

The basic steps are as follows:
  1. Find WSU Secure in your list of available networks and click "connect"
  2. A window will pop up asking for your login credentials. Enter your myWSU ID and password. If you are not a current student or faculty/staff you will need to connect to WSU Guest
  3. Test your connection by trying to access any site

If this is your first semester at Wichita State University, you may need to change your password before the wireless will accept it. This occurs when the last time you set your password was before you registered for your courses.

If you have another device you would like to connect, and need to manually configure the settings, the connection properties for WSU Secure are:
Security=WPA2 Enterprise
PEAP authentication
MS-CHAPv2 authentication

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