Client Services

Client Services mission is to effectively and efficiently provide access and availability to proper IT support services to the satisfaction of all our customers by providing an informative and supportive first point of contact along with high-quality educational training programs, and to assist all our customers in making the best use of technology in their business roles. The Director of Client Services serves as a member of the ITS Leadership Team.

Client Services Activities:

  • Install, troubleshoot, and maintain software, hardware, mobile devices, peripheral.
  • Setup and maintains labs.
  • First point of contact for clients.
  • Training.
  • Provide proposal and purchase to the campus in regards of desktop hardware, software, peripheral equipment, and tablets.
  • Manage large software licensing accounts for the university.
  • Purchase all the Windows OS, Mac OS and iOS software for the university.
  • Maintain vendor contacts for pricing and maintenance contracts.
  • Technology Help Desk
    • Assist students and employees with myWSU ID passwords, email and hardware/software issues
    • Assist with WSU Wireless connectivity and issues.
    • Receive request through email, phone, walk-ins and Web Tech Help.
  • Desktop Support
    • Configure and install desktops, laptops, peripheral equipment, mobile devices, tablets and software.
    • Evaluate computing needs to determine technology purchases
    • Manage and troubleshoot PC/Mac operating systems and campus licensed software
    • Asset Controlling: Manage and maintain the inventory of the campus university owned devices.
    • Work with Dell and CDW-G to upgrade and build Standard PCs configurations on their website.
  • Training
    • Perform training on myWSU, Banner self-service, Reporting Services, Budget, My Training, Cognos, Travel, Degree Works and a growing number of related systems.
    • Perform training on Microsoft Office (PC&Mac), Windows, Adobe DC, Adobe CC, ReadWrite, UPerform and growing number of related systems.

Client Services Staff:

Shadi Tafaroji Director of Desktop Services
(316) 978-3602 |
233E Jabara Hall

Desktop Support

Ross Powell Manager Desktop Support
(316) 978-5001 |
120 Jabara Hall

Tami Koester Technology Specialist & Asset Control
(316) 978-5342 |
120 Jabara Hall

Justin Beek Technology Specialist
(316) 978-3294 |
120 Jabara Hall

Jarrod Hipps Technology Specialist
(316) 978-5322 |
120 Jabara Hall

Jessica Wolf Technology Specialist
(316) 978-6999 |
120 Jabara Hall

Daniel Towle Technology Specialist
(316) 978-7611|
120 Jabara Hall

Dennis Hess Technology Specialist
(316) 978-7358 |
210 Jardine Hall

Kameron McKinney Technology Specialist
(316) 978-3681 |
120 Jabara Hall

Brandon Whiteside Technology Specialist
(316) 978-5618 |

Applications Training

Amy Belden Applications Training Manager
(316) 978-5800 |
124A Jabara Hall

Ali Levine Applications Training Specialist
(316) 978-5800 |
122A Jabara Hall

Madelyne Toney Applications Training Specialist
(316) 978-5800 |
122B Jabara Hall

Helpdesk Operations

Ken Pavlicek Manager Tech Helpdesk
(316) 978-4357 |
120 B Jabara Hall

Milissa Hawkins Technology Specialist
(316) 978-3879 |

Joe Dealy Technology Specialist
(316) 978-5468 |