How to Read SafeAssign Report

SafeAssign provides a detailed information about the originality of student work by running a report to chech if their is a match between the student's submitted work and other existing sources. When instructors create an assignment and choose to use SafeAssign, they will determine whether or not students can see the results of the report. If allowed by the instructor, students can use the report to review their submissions for originality and identify how to properly attribute sources. The SafeAssign option should be selected when the assignment is first made available for submission or before students submit their work. If it is set after submissions are made, the report can only be run for submissions that are made after SafeAssign is added in the setting.

Once submissions are done and the instructor is ready to grade student work, they can go to the Needs Grading area and click on a single submission; or go to the Full Grade Center, locate the column for the assignment and get to each student's submission by clicking the drop arrow next to the cell and click "Attempt." 

On the Grade Assignment page, a SafeAssign section appears in the grading sidebar. You can then view the SafeAssign Originality Report to ensure students properly cited their sources.           Safe assign     Report

The originality report opens in a new tab and will show results in three areas; Report Information, Citatioons, and Manuscript Text. 

                     The text reportInformation

Report information appears in the right panel of the report. If you need more space for viewing the text of the submitted paper, you can collapse the right panel with the right-pointing arrow. The highlighting colors remain in the collapsed view. The report information show you data about the paper, such as the percent of matching text, word count, and the date and time of submission. You can also view a printable version of the report by clicking the Printer sign on the top right of the page. 

The manuscript text of teh submitted work appears in the left panel of the report. Any text that matches a source is highlighted in the source color and identified with a number. You can read a detailed report on how much the highlighted text matches with another source by click on the text. For example, a score of 77 percent means that there is a 77 percent probability that the highlighted text is the same as another source. The interpretation of the percentatge score depends on the type and size of the assignmnet. For example, a 40 % match in a one page paper is not the same as it is in a 10 pages paper. It also depends on the text marked as a match. For example, in the image below the text highlighted is a reference list which has higher chance to be matched as the source could be cited by multiple individuals. 

              Detail report 

If a student submits multiple atempts, each paper is listed in the report separately. But SafeAssign doesn't check the contents of the current attempt against the content from previous submissions.