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Integrating LinkedIn Learning with "Old" Blackboard

To integrate linkedIn with your course on original blacboard view, here is what you need to do:
  1. Sign into your course and go to the folder or the content area where you want the LinkedIn video to be added to
  2. Click on the "Partner Content" tab on the top, then select "Content Market"

            Partner Content and Content Market on Bb
  3. From the list of tools, you won't see LinkedIn Learn up front. You should scroll down and click on the"Browse all content providers" , which opens more options including LinkedIn; click on it.

                Browse to find LinkedIn       Find LinkedIn
  4. Then type the title of the training video you wish to share and choose the video from the list of suggested videos, then click Submit.

                Search the linkedin Video
  5. The final step is to choose a category for the video (assignment, discussion, …), then hit "Submit"
                  Create category

The video will appear at the bottom of the contents list same way as any new content would. If you create it as an assignment, it will not create a grade book column.  All the integration does is place the videos in your course.  If you want an actual gradable assignment, you will need to create an assignment and ask the students to submit the course completion certificate to an assignment you build.