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Our Plan to Move to Ultra

We are moving to Ultra from Learn in as deliberate and well-supported way possible. Our current timeline for the transition looks like this:

  • Spring 2021: Begin the "early pilot" of Ultra with interested faculty members
  • May 2021: Move to "Ultra Base Navigation"
  • Summer 2021: Very early adopters offer classes in Ultra
  • August 2021: ARC21Aug Blackboard topics largely devoted to Ultra training
  • Fall 2021: Ultra Pilot participants deliver classes in Ultra when possible
  • Fall 2021: Weekly Zoom-based Ultra trainings available, with online resources available on demand
  • Spring 2022: University community invited to adopt the Ultra experience for their classes, on their own timetable
  • Throughout 2022: Ultra training ongoing, both through Zoom and online, and in-person if possible
  • Fall 2022: Last semester with Blackboard Learn classes available
  • Spring 2023: All course shells will be created in the Ultra experience

Want to see how Ultra and Blackboard Learn (WSU's original or "Old Blackboard") compare? Blackboard has created this chart.