Respondus Lockdown Browser Privacy

At Wichita State we use two Respondus proctoring products: Lockdown Browser (LDB) and Lockdown browser with Monitor. Respondus LDB does limited data collection, but Monitor does gather data as part of its work to evaluate exam security. The monitor is designed to identify the user via multiple methods and only when the application is active. This monitoring is sometimes identified as malicious by antivirus vendors due to the nature of monitoring the end user.

For example, the ability to monitor keystrokes – specifically the number of keystrokes being entered into a text field over time.  This is how the system detects whether content is being pasted into a field, rather than typed in manually.  That feature is sufficiently like "key logging" for more malicious purposes that some antivirus tools identify it as dangerous and may report it as malicious code to the computer’s owner. 

The most important thing is you as the user have full control in the usage of the webcam, keyboard monitoring and microphone features of the software and enable and disable the usage. Respondus does not have the ability to remote activate webcams, keyboard monitoring or microphones, nor does it have the ability to disable the visual use indicator on the webcam if equipped. As per Respondus, access to the video is limited to the instructor and/or the technical team monitoring and resolving issues with the service. Respondus personnel does not monitor live video.

Respondus works directly with security vendors to avoid this false positives and detections leading to alerts to you the end user. Even with these efforts, there is a balance between desired monitoring and undesired monitoring in chaotic market space.

For more information about Respondus LDB and LDB with Monitor, you should review the privacy information provided by the Respondus company: