Avoiding and Solving Problems with Respondus

If you are taking a test or tests that require Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) with (or without) Monitor, there are some things you need to know to avoid, or if necessary, solve problems along the way.  Keep these things in mind:

Things to know before you start

  • You have to Use Respondus After You Download it:  If you are getting a prompt to use a password, then you probably are not using Respondus to access the test. Respondus LDB is an actual browser, and you have to use it to login to Blackboard and to take your test. Downloading Respondus isn't enough to make it work. If you are using Respondus LDB to login to Blackboard and access your test and it's still asking for a password, contact your instructor to get the password.
  • Respondus LDB and Monitor do not work with Chromebooks: Your Chromebook can be used with LockDown Browser.  Follow the instructions here to download Respondus LDB for Chromebook.
  • Download Respondus LDB early!  You can work through step-by-step instructions for a Mac, a PC, or an iPad from this website. NOTE: if you are planning on using an iPad, you have additional troubleshooting tips at the bottom of your download page. Make sure to read them as the device you are using is more prone to problems than a laptop or desktop computer would be. If you have problems with the download, contact the Blackboard Support.
  • Have the right equipment: If you are being asked to use Respondus LDB with Monitor, you will need a webcam and photo identification. Unless you are told otherwise by your instructor(s), your Shocker Card will work as identification.
  • Be aware that Respondus LDB will only allow you to take one test at a time. Even if your instructor allows multiple attempts on a test, you will have to exit Blackboard and the LockDown Browser after each attempt.  
  • Close your apps: Respondus LDB will require you to close all applications running on your device such as Zoom, Skype, or other Microsoft Office products. You can close the applications one by one or let Respondus close them for you. However, there are cases respondus will tell that there is an application running when you can't see anything running. In such cases, we recommend taking note of the name of the application that LDB is trying to shut down. Then prior to starting LDB, you should open your Task Manager and manually close all instances of the process.
    • To get to the Task Manager on a Mac, use Spotlight. Hit "Command" and the spacebar. Then, type in "activity monitor". That takes you to the Mac Task Manager. Then, end the process (running application) that LDB requires to be closed.
    • To get to the Test Manager on a PC, hit Control + Alt + Del, and select "Task Manager. Then, end the process (running application) that LDB requires to be closed.
  • Accept Cookies: Each time you launch Respondus LDB, you will be asked to accept cookies, and depending on your computer's settings you will be asked if the program you downloaded can "make changes" to your computer. 
  • Know the typical problems:  Most LDB and Monitor problems are caused by one fo the following things:
    • Turn off your firewall if you are seeing an error about firewalls
    • Turn off anti-virus software if you are seeing virus errors. For more on privacy and why this happens, check out our LDB privacy page.
    • Check internet connectivity. If you lose your internet connectivity, LDB won't work, and neither will your test.
    • Use the browser! If the quiz you are taking asks for a password, that usually means the student has not accessed the test using the Respondus LockDown Broswer.  
  • Enter your class to take your quiz or test:  If you attempt to access the quiz or test from your "to do" Blackboard list, it might not load properly.  Enter the class and find the quiz that way.

If this happens, do this...

  • Get a blank screen during an exam
  • LDB and/or Monitor appears to be malware.  Turn off anti-virus software (only during your test).  LDB is not malware but sometimes systems perceive it as being malware. For more on privacy, look here, and for more on LDB and malware look here.
  • You see the message, "Update server is not supplying information, or the connection to the update server is blocked. Please try again later." Either your security settings or another application on your system is blocking access to Respondus. Shut down all applications and try again. For more information on update server issues, go here.
  • On a Mac, you are asked to close the "SSInvitationAgent."  The SSInvitationAgent is a component of Apple Messages and other applications.  For information about how to shut off SSInvitationAgent, go here.
  • On a Mac, your webcam is not detected. This is likely caused by anti-virus software.  For more information on webcams and Monitor, go here.
  • On any computer, your webcam is blocked. This is probably due to a privacy setting on your system. You need to allow the camera to be used, and for more information on camera blocking and Monitor, go here.
  • You get the error, "Course (OK), Exam (UNKNOWN)".  LDB can't detect the proper settings on your test or quiz.  Try backing out and trying again, but this time a little slower to allow the software to load. If that doesn't work, contact your instructor.