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Computer-Based Proctoring Procedures and Options at Wichita State

Before you choose to require procotoring for one of your online tests, please review Instructional Design and Access's information on improving test integrity.  There are many test creation strategies you can employ that may make proctoring unnecessary for some or all of your online tests. Also, if you are looking for in-person proctoring options, please review "Options for Proctored Exams" here.

Requirements for All Remote Proctoring

Regardless which of the remote proctoring options you choose, to use them, students must have certain hardware and be able to download software. The following requirements must be listed in your syllabus.

In order to use required proctoring in this course, all students must:

  • have a working webcam and microphone
  • be able to download and install software on their computer
  • be able to disable or alter various settings on their computer
  • be able to troubleshoot audio or video options, often on their own
  • have access to a desktop or laptop computer. Proctoring will not work on a mobile device or Chromebook.
  • set up any software ahead of their exam time – recommended one business day before in case they need additional support troubleshooting issues or finding a different option

Proctoring Options Without Cost to Students

Whether you decide to require proctoring once the semester is underway or you simply prefer to have options that do not require students to pay extra for proctoring, there are two good no-cost online proctoring options for you to consider.

  • Respondus LockDown Browser (with or without) Monitor:  With this software, students are unable to leave the browser window that contains their test.  Adding the Monitor feature allows for student identity checking and also leverages artificial intelligence to flag suspected cheating behaviors. There is no live proctor with this option. For more information about Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor, please review our Respondus webpage.
  • Zoom Proctoring: A faculty member, graduate student, or other person serving as a proctor can monitor their students taking live exams using the Zoom platform. If you are interested in using Zoom to proctor your students, please review our Zoom Proctoring webpage.

Proctoring Options With Cost to Students

Before you review this section, please be aware that all proctoring costs must be divulged to students in the syllabus at the beginning of the course. Paid proctoring options may not be added to a course once it is underway. This includes during the COVID-19 shutdown. 

Paid proctoring options at Wichita State include:

  • Examity (Starting Spring 2022):  In an effort to help lower student costs for proctoring services, Wichita State University has joined KBOR’s proctoring contract with Examity. This service will replace ProctorU as of Spring Term 2022.
    • Examity can be set up for four different levels of proctoring
      • Automated Proctoring Standard: Recorded with artificial intelligence flagging irregularities - without a proctor audit ($3.75/test)
      • Automated Proctoring Premium: with a human audit of the recording ($5.75/test)
      • Live Proctoring Standard: live authentication, session recorded and reviewed by AI, followed by Examity review of the session ($11 first hour/$5 each additional hour)
      • Live Proctoring Premium: Overseen by a live proctor the entire session ($12 first hour/$5 each additional hour)
      Faculty who are wanting to use student-paid proctoring options in their classes are encouraged to learn about Examity directly from their website:

      We will be working on installing the Examity’s Blackboard integration in December so that it is available for Spring courses.

If you need assistance with other proctoring options, please contact Testing Services at