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What You Need to Know about These Products Before You Begin

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor are products instructors can use to improve the integrity of the tests they give in Blackboard. At Wichita State, instructors have two proctoring options to choose from with Respondus: Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) alone, or Respondus LDB with Monitor. If you would like to know more about other proctoring options at Wichita State, check out our proctoring options page.

Respondus LDB is a special Internet browser that takes your students to their test in Blackboard, and does not allow them to go anywhere else on the Web, except to follow certain links that you might provide for them in a testing situation. In order for your students to use Respondus LDB, they will have to download the software before use. Respondus LDB can be used with Macs and PC's. It cannot be used with Chromebooks or smartphones, and in testing, we have found that use with iPads, while possible, is often buggy. OIR recommends that students only use Respondus LDB with laptop and desktop computers and not with other devices. Respondus LDB takes about 10 minutes for most people to install on their computer.

Monitor is a separate proctoring solution that requires that students also run Respondus LDB. It is not possible to have Monitor without Respondus LDB.

Monitor uses a student's webcam to leverage facial recognition, capture identification information, and to employ AI to make a inference about student behavior and whether certain movements are consistent with cheating. Monitor takes about 10 minutes to set up on a computer and must be set up each time a student takes a test. Together with Respondus LDB, students can expect to need at least 20 minutes to set up before a test they first time they use these products.

Deciding Which Product to Use

OIR has tested these products extensively on many different devices and under different circumstances. Here are our recommendations:

  • Choose these proctoring options for high stakes tests only if possible as they are time-consuming to set up and require computer devices that students might not have.
  • Think through at least one other proctoring option for students who simply do not have the appropriate devices to use these proctoring services. Unless your syllabus specifically requires a webcam and a laptop or desktop computer, you cannot add those requirements mid-semester unless they can be provided free of cost to the student.
  • Respondus LockDown Browser improves test integrity, but because many students have more than one way to reach the internet during a test, it can only go so far. If you choose this option, OIR suggests you also take other actions to increase test integrity.
  • Respondus LockDown Browser with Monitor provides an extra layer of security as it helps ensure your student is the person taking the test, but some students are likely to find the setup steps intrusive. Before you require Respondus LockDown Browser or LDB with Monitor, OIR recommends you go take a practice Blackboard test using these products. You can do that by going to our Respondus LockDown Browser Experience for Instructors course and self enrolling.

Setting Up a Test to Use Respondus LDB Only

  1. Before you can set up Respondus LDB, you need to be absolutely sure that your Blackboard test settings are how you want them. Modifying Blackboard test settings after setting up Respondus LDB in a course will cause the test to fail and deliver an error to your students. If you need help deciding how to configure your Blackboard test settings, please review the test integrity page before you proceed. OIR also provides help in building tests in Blackboard. If you have a student who receives extra time or other accommodations for testing, make sure to set up those accommodations before setting up Respondus LDB.
  2. Now that you are ready to set up Respondus LDB, go to the course where your test lives. On the left of the screen, you will find your "Course Management" in a gray box at the bottom of the menu. Choose "Course Tools" and choose "Respondus LockDown Browser," a little more than half-way down. NOTE: You may be able to find a link to Respondus LDB in other areas of your class, depending on how it is set up. But all instructors will have the option to find it this way.
    Blackboard navigation toolbar with "respondus ldb" circled
  3. The first time you enter the Respondus LockDown Browser area, you will find a screen offering you information about the product. Feel free to watch the videos and read the information. When you are finished, click "Continue to LockDown Browser" in the lower right.
    "continue to lockdown browser" button circled
  4. You will now see the Respondus LockDown Browser dashboard. All the tests and quizzes you have deployed in your course will be listed here. If there is a test that you don't see here, you have not yet deployed it. You will have to deploy the test in your course before you can set up Respondus LDB. Please return to step #1 above, get your test ready, and come back.
    respondus lockdown browser dashboard with a list of deployed tests
  5. This dashboard tells you information about each deployed test. If Respondus LockDown Browser and/or Monitor are required, you will see that here. To change the settings for a particular test, find it in the list and click the down arrow to the left of the test's title. Click "Settings."
    responsus lockdown browser dashboard with tests requiring ldb pointed to

    settings selection circled
  6. Click the button next to "Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam" and then "Save + Close." Do not add a password at this step.
    lockdown browser setting window with require and "save + close" buttons circled
  7. Check to see that you have "Required" listed next to the test name in the column heading called "LockDown Browser." If you do, then congratulations! You have set up Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam. If you do not, please work through steps 1-6 again. If you still are not having success, please contact Office of Instructional Resources at

Setting Up a Test to Use Respondus LDB Plus Monitor

  1. Adding Monitor to a test requires you to make additional choices when you set up Respondus LDB. To begin, work through steps 1-6 above but do not "Save + Close."
  2. Under "Monitor Webcam Settings" choose "Require Respondus Monitor for this exam."
    "require monitor" selection circled
  3. Leave the settings for the "Startup Sequence" set as they are. The instructions your students receive assume that all these settings are turned on. If you choose to turn one off, you will need to notify your students of this change.
    startup sequence selection with text "leave start up sequence selections as they are"
  4. At this time, OIR recommends you leave the settings in "Advanced Settings" turned off as they have not been stress tested by our office and we cannot guarantee they will not bring technical problems with them.
  5. Click "Save + Close."
    save + close button circled
  6. Check to see that you have "Required" listed next to the test name in the column heading called "LockDown Browser" and the column heading called "Respondus Monitor." If you do, then congratulations! You have set up Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor for this exam. If you do not, please work through all steps again. If you still are not having success, please contact the Office of Instructional Resources at

Checking Your Student Experience

If you would like to check the experience your students will have with your tests, you can do that by entering into "Student Preview" mode in Blackboard and taking your tests. To enter Student Preview mode, click the eye icon found at the top of your screen and to the right, next to "Edit Mode."

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