Wichita State University entered into an agreement with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) in 2016. Pursuant to that agreement, the University audited all electronic and information technology (EIT) in July 2017.

After the audit, the University met one-on-one with each stakeholder that had areas that needed improvement. Together, several goals were set forth, including:

  1. For externally purchased or procured EIT, the responsible campus offices will contact vendors and explain the terms of the University’s agreement with the NFB. If Vendors are not able to ensure the accessibility of their products by July 29, 2020, the University will seek vendors with products that are accessible.
  2. For internally developed EIT or any tools that the University controls, the responsible parties will update their software to fully meet the standards listed in the agreement as identified by the audit.
  3. Going forward, the University will continue to investigate multiple solutions for new and existing EIT. The EIT audit will be considered an ongoing process and technologies will continue to be reviewed as we procure them. Existing EIT will be re-audited annually in July of each year.

For more information, please contact John Jones, interim Accessibility Coordinator.

To report technology that should be reviewed/added to the audit if it has not already been reviewed, complete this audit request form.