Faculty Senate Statement:

An Ad Hoc commmittee of the faculty senate prepare the following statement, which was ratified unanmiously by the senate on April 23, 2018

The Faculty at Wichita State University are committed to providing the highest quality instruction for all students. As a part of that commitment, we make continual efforts to seek new information and methods to teach in our subject areas.

Instructional content at WSU is the responsibility of the faculty teaching each individual course; the accessibility of that content is also the responsibility of that faculty, and as we do many other critical issues, we will take accessibility into account as we consider textbooks, resources, and tools for our classes.

Accessibility is not the only consideration when choosing a text, but we understand its importance to our students, and we are committed to making accessible choices when they are available and the choice does not have a negative impact on the quality of the course in other ways.  We will discuss the need for accessibility with publishers when we have the opportunity. 

We will learn what we can about accessible instruction – both in general as it is being made available by the university, and from other leaders in our fields of study

The members of the committee were: Mara Alagic, Whitney Bailey, George Dehner, Nils Hakansson, Linnea Glenmaye, John Jones, Laura Prahm, Jeff Pulaski