Accessible Publisher Resources

It is challenging to tell if software provided by your publisher is accessible, and appropriate to use in classes you teach for Wichita State University. 

At this point, most publisher software needs to improve to meet the standards that are required by Federal Law and university policy, if we are going to use them in our classes. Software should conform to the WCAG 2.0 AA standards, as set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

At this time, the following publisher tools and instructional software have been evaluated and determined to be accessible platforms that are approved for use without an exception:

  • Access Now (through the university bookstore)
  • Blackboard
  • Panopto

These publisher resources have been evaluated and found to be inaccessible at this time:

  • Webassign (Cengage)
  • Sapling (MacMIllan Learning)
  • WileyPLUS (Wiley)
  • McGraw-Hill Connect
  • ALEKS (McGraw-Hill)

If you don't see your resource listed here: If you are not comfortable making your own judgement about accessibility with the guidelines we have provided, you can submit a request to have your tool reviewed.

Other Tools (not associated with Textbooks)

In addition to those tools, these web-based tools have been identified as inaccessible. 

Doodle Poll
Navigate Scenario
Study Stack

Note: Even if the textbook associated with these online tools is accessible (available in a digital format that meets our accessibility standards), using the homework system and other tools is not acceptable given our policies without requesting an exception.