Record Lectures and Flip Your Class

To prepare for online or hybrid classes this fall, we have the opportunity to prepare ahead and record some lecture content ahead of time. It can be a great help to have as much content as you can reasonably create ahead of time prepared early, so that you can focus on interaction with your students during the actual semester.

Create your own lecture videos

Many faculty take advantage of the tools that are provided by the university, like Panopto, to record lectures on their own. The tools make it possible to record, edit, and present video to your classes.

If you are interested in using Panopto to record lectures yourself, check out the IDA Panopto Training pages.

Create Videos with WSU-TV Support

If you are not able to create lectures on your own, or prefer to have someone work with you to develop your class lectures, you can request support from WSU-TV to record lectures for your classes. 

The WSU TV team is preparing to create recording stations around campus. We hope to work to record as much content as possible for the fall, and will make this service available all summer long, but capacity is limited, so complete the information form and someone from WSU TV will be in touch to schedule your recording sessions.

Recommendations for Recorded Lectures

Chunking Content

Online lectures are a somewhat different experience from a live lecture.  Student attention span can be shorter, and distractions are everywhere. Studies have shown that lecture content delivered in "chunks" of roughly ten minutes at a time.

Moving Interaction Online

Naturally, these lectures are very one-sided. Your students will not be able to ask questions or react to these recordings directly, so this part of the class interaction will need to move into the Blackboard discussion forum.  You can help get these interactions started by asking a few questions. There is training available on using discussion forums in Blackboard coming in the ARC this summer.

What Can Be Included

The typical video will be a video of the instructor speaking along with powerpoint slides.

  • Instructor Video
  • Powerpoint Slides
  • Screen Capture Video
  • Virtual Whiteboard (using a Microsoft Surface Tablet and a digital pen)
  • Other sources - other sources, like the digital feed from a document camera, can be included by request.