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Top FAQ's
- Is there a way to check if my computer/browser is ready for Blackboard?
- When should I be able to see my courses in Blackboard? (Students / Instructors)
- Are there any tips for a good online experience using Blackboard?
- Is there an orientation to Blackboard? (Students / Instructors)

Quick Info

You can login to Blackboard via the portal at or directly at For students attempting to take timed assessments, we recommend logging in direct (i.e. not myWSU) to avoid being timed out of myWSU and subsequently knocked out of an exam.


Blackboard is the course management system licensed by Wichita State University. We are currently on version 9.1. As part of Blackboard, we have added numerous building blocks and integrated components to add more functionality to the learning platform including but not limited to the ones listed below. If you need assistance with or would like to learn more select one of the help options above.

  • Add Test Student: used by instructors to quickly create and enroll/unenroll a test student account for testing the student view in Blackboard
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Study: for linking course textbooks available using the Nook study to your Blackboard course
  • Blackboard/Facebook Sync: integrates Blackboard notification updates with a user's Facebook account
  • Blackboard Mobile Learn: app available for iPad users or Sprint Droid phone users that provides a touch friendly interface to Blackboard courses (not available for other mobile devices at this time)
  • IDEA: direct integration of online surveys for your course(s)
  • MERLOT search: for quickly searching for and adding links to learning objects (Flash videos, interactive websites, etc.) created by other instructors
  • Online Attendance: for managing and reporting student attendance in face-to-face classes
  • Panopto: lecture capture tool for recording screen/PowerPoint and webcam with audio
  • Paste from Word Mashup: for pasting clean text into the Blackboard textbox editor (without Microsoft code which can create displaying issues)
  • Soft Chalk: for creating more dynamic and interactive webpages or course content
  • StudyMate Author/Class: for creating Flash-based activities and games using simple templates (for viewing in Blackboard or downloading to iPods, Zunes, etc.); also used for facilitating the collaborative creation of study materials
  • Tweak: for creating dynamic sites with Blackboard including quick links for better printing of content pages
  • Twitter: for creating an integrated Twitter feed in course content pages
  • Turning Point: for students to register their personal clickers to be associated with Blackboard and their courses using Turning Technology clickers
  • Wall Street Journal: for adding and integrating Wall Street Journal rss feeds to a course
  • Wimba Pronto: instant messaging and chat tool that integrates with user's Blackboard course lists (requires installation of a program)
  • WSU Libraries- Linking Articles: create links to articles found in the WSU Libraries' e-journals or databases that will work off-campus
  • WSU Visual Student Roster: provides a student roster with images for instructors

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