Getting Started in Blackboard

There are many circumstances that might lead an instructor or staff member to need to use Blackboard. Whether you are just getting started or are turning to Blackboard in an emergency, the information on this page will help you get successfully underway.

If you are an instructor, then each one of your Wichita State courses already has a Blackboard class shell, and you have nothing to request unless you would like to work on a course for an upcoming semester. If you do want to work ahead, you can request a "development shell" by submitting a OneStop ticket. 

If you are a staff member and need to work in a Blackboard shell, you will need to request one before you begin. Typically, you will request a "Blackboard organization shell," and you do that by submitting a OneStop ticket.

Once you have your Blackboard shell, you need to decide what you want to do with it.  Blackboard makes the following things easy to do:

  • Making announcements and sending emails to an entire class or part of a class.
  • Posting assignments, receiving assignment submissions, grading assignments.
  • Posting tests/quizzes, having objective test/quiz questions automatically scored by the computer, grading tests/quizzes.
  • Running class discussions.
  • Providing a centralized place for all of your digital content including documents and links to videos/journal articles/websites.