Unclassified President’s Award Recipients

* Indicates the recipient of the Carlisle Award Distinguished Service Award
The Wayne Carlisle Award Distinguished Service Award is presented to an unclassified professional who models the standard of extraordinary service. As the director of placement and career services, Wayne managed a multitude of tasks each day with intelligence, warmth, courage and humor. Wayne died in December 1991 after a four-and-a-half year battle with cancer. People who knew him say, he never lost the ability to put his own needs aside to help others.


Carmen Hytche, Office of Strategic Communication
Corey Herl, WSU Police Department
Grady Landrum*, Office of Disability Services
Justin Rorabaugh, Shocker Studios


Katie Austin*, Housing and Residence Life
Misty Bruckner, Public Policy and Management Center
Sheryl Propst, Human Resources
Alicia Sanchez, Office of Diversity and Inclusion


Krysti Carlson-Goering, Information Technology Services
Deanna Carrithers, Office of Diversity
Kayla Jasso*, College of Education & Sport Management
Gayle Martin, Public Policy and Management Center


Carla Eckels*, KMUW
Fran Cook, Research and Transfer Technology
Sonya Moore, College of Health Professions


Ted Ayres, Vice President and General Counsel
Maureen Dasey-Morales*, Counseling and Testing Center
Brian Ray, Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic


Connie Dietz, Director, Office of Cooperative Education and Work-Based Learning
Shan Jabara, International Student Adviser, Office of International Education
Martha Lewis*, Director, TRIO Disability Support Services


Aimee Geist, Ulrich Museum, Service Award
Claudia Keller, College of Education, Service Award
Sabrina Perez-Glatt*, Social Work


Patricia Hayes, Membership Services Coordinator, KMUW
John Jacobs*, Manager of Student Records Systems, University Computing and Telecommunications
Maria Martino, Biology Technical Specialist, Department of Biology


Mark McCain, Director, KMUW Radio
Larry Ramos, Director, TRIO-Talent Search Project Discovery
Marilyn Yourdon*, Director, Student Health Center


Frankie Brown*, Director, Human Resources
Kathy Downes, Senior Associate Dean for University Libraries
Wendy Hanes, Assistant Dean, College of Fine Arts


Tom Brock, Director of Media Services & Assistant Professor, Media Resources Center
John Gist, Director of Facilities Planning
Gayle Veltman*, Coordinator of Testing, Counseling and Testing Center


Linda L. Doll - Assistant Director for Finance and Management, College of Fine Arts
Frances M. Ervin - Director, Educational Opportunity Center
Robert W. Rozelle* - Director of Technology and Academic Advisor, Liberal Arts and Sciences Advising Center


Deltha Colvin* - Assistant Vice President for Campus Life
Corrine Nilsen - Director, Kansas Kids at Gear Up
Bill Wynne - University Registrar


Ray Clithero* - Director, Performance Facilities, College of Fine Arts
Michael Madecky - Director, Student Activities Council
Robert A. Phillips - Director of Technology, LAS Dean’s Office


Vince Altum - Director for Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions, International Education
Linda Black* - Director of Student Services, College of Health Professions
Martha Shawver - Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs and Research


Jean Elliot* - Academic Advisor, Liberal Arts Advising Center
John Ellis - Manager Internet Applications, University Computing
Armin Gerhard - Associate Director of International Program


Mary Herrin - Associate VP and Director of Budgets
Jill Pletcher* - Director of Career Services
Ellie Skokan - Biology Lab Coordinator and Assistant Chair


Deborah Byers - Director Financial Aid, Dept. of Financial Aid
Gina Crabtree - Senior Associate Director Undergraduate Admissions
Toni Neff* - Coordinator, Advisor Recruitment,College of Health Professions


Gerald Lichti - Assistant Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences
Mike Wood* - Executive Director Media Resource Center
Kristi Mohler - Manager LAN & Desktop Computing, University Computing


Charli Frederick* - Director of Media Services
Phyllis Jacobs - Instructor, School of Nursing
Darell Smith - Director, Physical Plant


Woodrow DePontier - Physical Plant
Darrel Zimmerman - UCATS
Joseph Kleinsasser* - News/Media


Marsha Gladhart* - Coordinator, Education, Comunications
Mary Warren - Director of Operations, Self Help Network
Deborah Kennedy - Instructor, School of Nursing


Mary Lynn Burnett - School of Health Professions
Gary Ott* - Executive Director UCATS
Amy Schafer - Director, Communication Relations & Special Events


Kathie Bitker - Department of Nursing
James Rogers* - UCATS
Gayla Shrank - Controller’s Office


Roland Banks - Equipment Manager, Department of Athletics
Al Vargo - Director Intensive English Language Center
Dorothy Harmon* - Controller’s Office


Carmen Bribiesca - Assistant Controller
Norma Gribble* - Director of Academic Outreach
Dale Valentine - Associate Director, Media Resource Center