Unclassified Professional Senate

Our Mission:
The Unclassified Professional (UP) Senate works to foster communication and collegiality among Unclassified Professional personnel of the University, and to:

  • provide representation for Unclassified Professional personnel and liaison to the University administration and others regarding issues of concern;
  • formulate recommendations to the University President regarding policies and procedures that relate to the concerns of the Unclassified Professional personnel at Wichita State University; and
  • review and recommend refinement of the Unclassified Professional personnel policy.

The Senate was formed in the 1992-93 academic year to represent and give Unclassified Professional employees a voice on campus.

Who are Unclassified Professionals?
Strictly defined, they are persons who hold appointments “requiring special technical or administrative skills of a professional nature distinct from teaching/research roles of the faculty or the direct administrative responsibility for faculty supervision.” More generally, they are full-time employees who are not part of the state “classified” system and who (in general) do not hold faculty appointments. However, approximately 9% of Unclassified Professionals are involved in classroom instruction. There are about 950 Unclassified Professional personnel at Wichita State University.

Examples include Clinical Instructors in Health Professions, Research Associates, Financial Aid Counselors, Chief of Campus Police, Media Resources Specialists, University Computing Systems Analysts, Network Administrators, Director of Housing and Residence Life, etc.

Membership of the Senate:
The Senate consists of seventeen members – seven from the division of Academic Affairs; two from the Division of Student Affairs; one from each of the President, General Counsel and Strategic Communications Offices, one from the Division of Administration and Finance, and four from the Division of Research and Technology Transfer; two At-Large (appointed by the Senate); and various Ex Officio representatives, including the Immediate Past President. Elections are held each spring for approximately 50% of the Senate positions. Terms are two years, coinciding with the fiscal year boundary.

Activities of the Senate:

  • Sponsors a minimum of two general meetings of all Unclassified Professional personnel (one each in the spring and fall semesters) to report publicly on issues that have come before the senate, share actions they have taken, and solicit feedback on issues of concern to the entire constituency.
  • Oversees activities of a number of standing committees, including Elections, Service, Grievance, Professional Development, Awards and Recognition and Legislative.
  • Appoints representatives to various University-level committees; mediates Unclassified Professional grievances; studies issues and makes recommendations to the President and Vice-Presidents; and organizes support for University initiatives.
  • Maintains a Web page at https://www.wichita.edu/upsenate
  • Maintains and distributes information via the Unclassified Professional Listserv (“up-list”) including announcements regarding events, current policies, and issues of concern to Unclassified Professionals at Wichita State University. Visit the Web site for more information.