To pay hourly at the parking garage kiosk, follow the steps below:

  1. Push start
  2. Enter plate number (no spaces or dashes)
  3. Push Print
  4. Insert and remove credit or debit card
  5. If you want only 1 hour, press Print
  6. If you want more than 1 hour, press "+" or "—"
  7. Payments will update as hours increase or decrease
  8. Press Print when finished selecting hours
  9. Receipt will print if payment is processed and screen will read "Transaction Finished."

NOTE: If you are having trouble with kiosk, either start over when screen refreshes by waiting 2 – 3 minutes or try another kiosk.  If you are unable to make a successful payment at the parking kiosks, your vehicle will need to be relocated out of the parking garage to avoid a citation.