Repayment Information

Monthly repayment will begin upon expiration of the grace period. The annual interest rate is 5%. The repayment period is ten years. Prepayment of all or part of this loan can be made at any time without penalty.

The university may impose a late charge if the scheduled payment is not made when due. Late charges may also be imposed if proper documentation is not submitted, in a timely manner (as determined by the university) to defer the payment. The late charge will not exceed 20% of the monthly payment.

Payments are applied to accounts in the following order:

  • Collection Costs
  • Late Charges
  • Accrued Interest
  • Principal

ECSI Website*

Consolidation Information

Click here for conslidation information.

Reminder: By consolidating a Perkins loan, the eligibility for professional employment cancellation is lost.


* This link leaves the WSU Accounts Receivable website.