On June 15, 2011, President Beggs approved the following revision to the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual: 16.07/Shipping Materials Off Campus. Homeland Security regulations now require that customers provide positive identification and departments sending items by FedEx or UPS must use the ShipRequest Program available from the Campus Post Office.

This page will guide you through downloading, setup, and use of the Pitney Bowes ShipRequest program onto your computer. You will be able to prepare your own addressing information for FedEx and UPS packages before taking them to the Campus Post Office to be shipped, as well as also giving you the option of maintaining your own personal mailing list of addresses you might ship to on an ongoing basis.

Downloading instructions:

Click here to download Pitney Bowes ShipRequest. This is a basic version of the program for computers using Windows XP or lower versions of Windows, if you are using Windows 7, you can install it (please contact Postal Services at 978-5677 before attempting to download program) . When the dialog box opens to download the program please select "open" to install it on your computer. Note: After installing program contact Postal Services and with your approval we can Screen Connect to your computer and set up the additional fields needed. Once disconnected we will have no access to your computer.

How to use ShipRequest:

1. At this point you should have the complete version of Pitney Bowes ShipRequest for WSU installed on your computer, and a shortcut should have appeared on your desktop. When using ShipRequest, simply enter the information for addressing and payment in the fields shown. Required fields have a red asterisk (*) shown to their left. Click here to view or save PDF file for step by step instructions to complete the ShipRequest form. A single ShipRequest document may be used for multiple packages if all are to be delivered to the same destination by the same service.

2. For FedEx and UPS services, the distinction between Residential and Commercial addresses is important, and FedEx and UPS may add a correction fee if the incorrect type of address is selected. Please be sure to select the correct address type on the right of the ShipRequest screen.

3. For FedEx shipments delivered outside the United States, a phone number must be entered in the correct address field. Telephone numbers are required for all international shipments through FedEx-no exceptions.

4. After all required and any additional fields are complete, click the "Print" button at the top of the ShipRequest screen and your printer should produce a single page with your shipping information and a two-dimensional barcode. Bring that page and the items you wish to ship to us at the Campus Post Office to complete your shipping.

5. You may also use ShipRequest for personal packages you might send through FedEx or UPS services from WSU. When doing so, simply enter "CASH" instead of your normal University budget account number and we will collect the balance due at our service window when you ship your items.

In addition to using ShipRequest to process single letters or packages, another attractive feature of the program is that you may use it to save and maintain a personal mailing list of addresses you ship FedEx or UPS to on an ongoing basis by using the "Save" Button at the top of the ShipRequest screen. After saving addresses for future use, you may choose the address you wish to use by selecting it from the pulldown list in the "Address List" field.