Moving Forward: Engagement & Democracy



This quote from Margaret Mead has always been one of my favorites.  In times of personal doubt or efforts of a fool’s errand, I have leaned into that quote knowing that others were working on issues so much harder or greater than my own challenges. Another favorite saying of mine came from a mentor who, after I bemoaned a situation, told me, “There’s no #$&^@* superhero coming to save the day. Go do the work.”  While maybe not as eloquent (or kind), the sentiment is the same.

Recent events have left many of us wondering how we move forward as a country. According to the January 11th, Quinnipiac University poll, 81% think extremism is a big problem, and 74% believe democracy is under threat, but we are strongly divided on the cause and responsibility.

 While I would never profess to have the answer to these challenges, I do wholeheartedly believe that our current division only gets better through intentional engagement and a strong commitment to be “in the arena” to do the hard work that is ahead of us. So I am pushing myself beyond admiring the problem to start doing, because I know there are significantly more than a handful of people out there willing to join. We all must “go do the work.” 

Where do we begin? Please join us for a 30-minute PPMC Chat on Monday, January 25th at 1:00 p.m. to discuss “Engagement and Democracy” with Shaun Rojas, Director of Civic Engagement at the Kansas Leadership Center. Click here to register at no cost.