What Can "I" Do?

You may be asking yourself "What can I do to prevent sexual assault or intimate partner violence?" There are many ways you can get involved in sexual assault and interpersonal violence prevention at WSU! Here are several ways you can take steps towards reducing the stigma and prevelence around sexual assault and imtimate partner violence. We have included options and resources at individual level, campus level, and larger community! How will you get involved?

Ways You Can Engage in Prevention!

1. Be an Active Bystander:

Take steps to end actions or behaviors that put others at risk of violence, victimization, or perpetration. Use your voice to support survivors, intervene in potentially harmful sitations, and speak against the myths about rape/assault. Click here to learn more about our bystander intervention training called "Not Anymore".

2. Believe Victim/Survivors:

When someone tells you about an experience of sexual assault or intpersonal violence this can be difficult to digest and can be overhwhelming. The most important thing to do is to BELIEVE the persona and make them feel supported. Your kind and non-judgmental response can make a world of difference. Click here for things you can say and do after someone discloses to you.

3. Know Campus and Community Resources:

Various campus and community resources are available to individuals who may have experienced sexual assault or interpersonal violence.

4. Request an Outreach Presentation:

If you would like to request a presentation for you department, student organization/group please email Dr. Meladee Garst at meladee.garst@wichita.edu for further information. We ask that you request a presentation at least 2 weeks in advance.

5. Follow PSAB on Social Media

Facebook Account: Wichita State University Prevention Services Advisory Board

Twitter Account: WSU PSAB @WSUPrevention