Wichita State University has established a Business Procurement Card (BPC) program for WSU Representatives authorized to participate. The program is a component of the State of Kansas Procurement Card Program with UMB Bank and is subject to all program requirements therein.

The purpose of the program is to provide a more efficient cost-effective method of paying for WSU Official Business related purchases within the established usage limitations set for the program. For questions related to the BPC program, please contact the BPC Administrator at 316-978-5185 or by email: 

 How do I get a card?

All Applicants requesting a Business Procurement Card for Official Business Use only, are asked to complete the BPC Application - (revised 06/2019) and return it to Box 12. Applicants must be an employee of the State of Kansas in a non-probationary status. Temporary employees are not eligible. A card will be distributed once the Applicant has completed a training session, signed the Account holder agreement form indicating that the Applicant understands the intent of the program and agree's to adhere to the established program guidelines.

Training Requirements

Training is required for both the Applicant and the Delegate .The training sessions focus on the allowable use of each account type, security and safety of the accounts, spending limitations, documentation of purchases and compliance with WSU and State of Kansas Purchasing, Accounting and Travel policies and procedures. For any questions please contact the BPC Administrator. 

Training Options

1. In person - Training sessions are performed in a classroom style setting with Q&A at the end of each session. To sign up: go to the "myWSU" training portal. Search for the "WSU Visa Business Procurement Card (BPC) Training". All available sessions will populate. Select the training session that best fits your schedule.

2. Online Video's

 Coming soon! Stay tuned!

Additional BPC Program References

Related BPC Forms 

UMB Bank Contact Information

Accounts Payable and Travel Office

The WSU Accounts Payable and Travel office are responsible for reviewing and reconciling all BPC transactions. Any questions related to submission of supporting documentation, verifying account codes, submission processing questions or specific questions related to Travel. You can contact them directly at  316-978-3070 or by email at either or 

Documentation and Submission Process

Vehicle Rental

Accountholders are only allowed to pay for 1 vehicle rental, the one they are driving, and must be listed as the primary driver on the rental agreement.  Additional drivers can be added at the counter at the time of the pick-up and they must be a current WSU employee. Paying for another WSU employee’s vehicle rental is not allowe

Methods of Booking a Vehicle Rental

When reserving a vehicle with a State issued BPC, you will need to refer to the designated discount number for State of Kansas contracted rates.

  • Contact Sunflower Travel 1-316-733-2753 or send email to
  • Call Reservations Hotline
  • Enterprise – 1-800-264-6350
    •  Use discount # - XZ51WSU - use when renting a Car, Minivan or SUV
    • Use discount # - XZ51WSC - use when renting a Truck, Cargo or 15 Passenger Van
  • Hertz - 1-888-704-4473
    • Use discount # - 1978737 regardless of which type of vehicle you are renting                                                                                                  
  • Online access at or
  • Walk-In to your nearest local Hertz or Enterprise location
  • Enterprise has provided a “summary sheet” with all information and an embedded link you can click on to make a reservation. Please refer to the Purchasing or Travel website to locate the link.

If you encounter a problem with the WSU Purchasing website, we want to know about it. Please email us at . Using this email makes sure that everybody on our team is aware of the problem and ensures that the correct personnel are able to deal with the problem in a timely manner.