The Business Procurement Card Program has changed!


Wichita State University has established a Business Procurement Card (BPC) program for WSU Representatives authorized to participate. The program is a component of the State of Kansas Procurement Card Program with UMB Bank and is subject to all program requirements therein.

The purpose of the program is to provide a more efficient cost-effective method of paying for WSU Official Business related purchases within the established usage limitations set for the program. Accountholder. 

All card types (previously known as the Procurement, iTravel, Enhanced, Standard Plus and Standard Visa)  now have the same purchasing power.

"Purchases are no longer dependent upon the type of card you have"

The approval to make a specific type of purchase (example: travel, official hospitality etc.) is between the Accountholder and the Budget Officer. 

It is the responsibility of the Budget Officer to communicate any restrictions, over and above that of the program restrictions, to the Accountholder.

Program restrictions can be found at

BPC accounts still have individual "monthly credit limits" and "per transaction" account limitations.

For current Accountholders - it is important that you understand what your current account limitations are and evaluate if they are consistent with the expectations of your Budget Officer. If you need more information please contact the PCard Administrator.

It is highly recommended that all current accountholder’s attend a training session as a review for current policies, processes and procedures.

Purchasing is working on updating it's website to include the most recent changes and making training videos available. In the meantime, in-person training sessions are available through the myWSU portal. Search for the keyword “Visa”, select the session that best fits your schedule and we will see you there!

New P-Card type introduced!!!

"This is a new way for Departments to process business related purchases using one account within the department."

Departmental Cards - (formerly known as Registration Accounts)

Have been expanded to include all travel purchases and purchases of departmental goods and services and Official Hospitality.

There are different options available therefore the PCard Admin will work with the Department Budget Officer to establish the perimeters that provide a more efficient cost-effective method of paying for Departmental WSU Official Business related purchases within the established usage limitations set for the program.

  • The Departmental Accounts will be set up in the Department’s name. 
  • The Budget Officer assigns one person to be the “Custodian” of the account.
  • Reconciliation is performed by the “Custodian” of the account through the Chrome River reconciliation process.

Further information is available by contacting the BPC Administrator in the Office of Purchasing at


How do I get a card?

All Applicants requesting a Business Procurement Card for Official Business Use only, are asked to complete the BPC Application (fillable)- (revised 08/08/2019) and return it to Box 12. 

Applicants must be an employee of the State of Kansas in a non-probationary status. A card will be distributed once the Applicant has completed a training session, signed the Account holder agreement form indicating that the Applicant understands the intent of the program and agree's to adhere to the established program guidelines.

Training Requirements

"Training is required for the Applicant and the Departmental Account Custodian prior to the distribution of any account information"

The training sessions focus on the allowable use of each account type, security and safety of the accounts, spending limitations, documentation of purchases and compliance with WSU, Kansas Board of Regents and State of Kansas Purchasing, Accounting and Travel policies and procedures. For any questions please contact the BPC Administrator. 

Training Options

1. In person - Training sessions are performed in a classroom style setting with Q&A at the end of each session. To sign up: go to the "myWSU" training portal. Search for the keyword "Visa". All available sessions will populate to allow you to select the training session that best fits your schedule.

2. Online Video's

 Coming soon! Stay tuned!

BPC Forms / Manuals

New BPC Policies and Procedures Manual - Updated 8/1/2019

Types of Accounts

BPC Appropriate Purchases

BPC Prohibited Purchases

Additional Program Guidelines - Rental Vehicles

BPC Application (fillable) - updated 08/2019

BPC Account Change Request Form (fillable)- updated: 08/2019

Visa Dispute Form

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

"Suggested Best Practices" for Using BPC Card on the Internet


UMB Bank Contact Information

 UMB Bank Contact Information - to report a lost or stolen card and/or follow-up on a call from the bank's fraud department

 UMB link to access Online Account  to access your account details, posted transactions, etc...

 Account Registration required! 

Instructions on how to register BPC account online with UMB website

Documentation and Submission Process  

"BPC transactions are now reconciled through our new Travel and PCard reconcilation software program - "Chrome River" administered through Financial Operaitions-Accounts Payable and Travel Department."

The WSU Accounts Payable and Travel office personell are available for assistance when reviewing and reconciling all BPC transactions. Any questions related to submission of supporting documentation, verifying account codes, submission processing questions or specific questions related to Travel. You can contact them directly at  316-978-3070 or by email at either      or 


 Methods of Booking a Vehicle Rental using State Contract Vendors

When reserving a vehicle with a State issued BPC, you will need to refer to the designated discount number for State of Kansas contracted rates.

  • WSU  Designated Travel Agent
  •  Enterprise
    • Directly through the link on the Enterprise Summary Page
    • Call Enterprise Reservations Hotline 1-800-264-6350
    • Online access at
    • Walk-In to your nearest local Enterprise location
      •  Use discount # - XZ51WSU - use when renting a Car, Minivan or SUV
      • Use discount # - XZ51WSC - use when renting a Truck, Cargo or 15 Passenger Van
  • Hertz
    • Directly through the link on the Hertz Summary Page
    • Call Hertz Reservations Hotline 1-888-704-4473
    • Online access at
    • Walk-In to your nearest local Hertz location
      • Use discount # - 1978737 regardless of which type of vehicle you are renting

 If you encounter a problem with the WSU Purchasing website, we want to know about it. Please email us at . Using this email makes sure that everybody on our team is aware of the problem and ensures that the correct personnel are able to deal with the problem in a timely manner.