Invoice Control Document

(Formerly known as Confirming Requisition in Legacy)

Instructions to complete Document: #ICD Example

  1. Enter Today's Date
  2. Enter your Organization Name (This is the Banner term for your Department Name).
  3. Enter the Vendor Name and Vendor ID. The vendor ID is either the Vendor's FEIN Number (without the 2 digit suffix), the Vendor's SMART ID or the Vendor's Banner ID#. All three of these ID's are available to you when you have access to Banner by doing a Query on the Vendor Name.
  4. Contract Number
    a. State-Wide Contract Number (Example 06002)
    b. Local Contract Number (ExampleB0001003)
    c. Encumbrance Contract Number (Example A0671505)
  5. If this is a reimbursement for expenses, the person requesting the reimbursement must sign here
  6. List any special requirement or instructions here
  7. Banner Fund Number
  8. Banner Organization Number
  9. Banner Account Number
  10. Total Funding Amount for the Funding Line
  11. Total Requisition Amount
  12. Your Line Item Detail
    a. Quantity
    b. Unit of Measure Description
    c. Unit Price
    d. Line Item Total
  13. End User Name
  14. End User Extension
  15. End User Email
  16. Budget Officer's Signature to Confirm the Goods or Services have been Received and Payment is requested
  17. Title of Person Signing Document
  18. Date Goods or Services were Received
  19. Attach invoices, receipts, programs, guest lists, or any relevant supporting documentation
  20. Drop off to Purchasing in Morrison Hall Room 021 or deliver via inter-departmental mail to Camus Box 12.